Sundiode logoUS-based Sundiode develops microLED microdisplays based on its stacked-RGB pixel structure.


Kopin logoUS-based Kopin Corporation is a developer of microdisplays and other components for wearable devices. The company produces and develops LCoS, OLED and microLED microdisplays.


EpiPix was spun-off from The University of Sheffield in the UK, to commercialize technology for multi-color microLED arrays on a single wafer developed at the University’s GaN Centre for Materials and Devices.

The company is developing red, green and blue microLED epiwafers with a pixel size ranging from 30 microns down to less than 5 microns. EpiPix says that it achieved record-breaking IQE results.


MICLEDI logoMICLEDI was established in Belgium in 2019 as a spin-off from IMEC, with an aim to develop and manufacture microLED microdisplays for the AR market.

MICLEDI is a fabless company. In January 2020 the company raised 4.5 million Euro.

BOE Pixey

BOE Pixey was established in December 2019 as a joint-venture between Rohinni and BOE.

BOE Pixey will design and build micro-LED based LCD display backlights and direct-emission displays - as well as related sensors for large-format displays. BOE Pixey integrates Rohinni's mini-LED and micro-LED manufacturing process with BOE's display panel production experience and leadership. The company says that first products that utilize its displays will reach the market in the second half of 2020.


Konka logoThe Konka Group, established in 1980 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, produces electronics products.

The company's Konka E-display subsidiary manufactures digital signage displays.

Japan Display

Japan Display logoJapan Display (JDI) is a small/medium display maker, formed in September 2011 by the merger of Sony’s, Toshiba’s and Hitachi’s display businesses and funded by Japan’s government fund Innovation Network Corporation (INCJ).

Japan Display produces LCD display and has been known to supply high-end smartphone LCD displays to Apple. The company is shifting its focus to OLED displays.


Microluce logo (2020)Taiwan-based Microluce was established in 2017 to commercialize microLED display technology developed originally at National Central University.

Microluce's technology enables the production of low-temperature (500-700 degrees Celsius) GaN thin film epitaxial wafers using a sputtering process. on 8 to 12 inch wafers.

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