AUO demonstrates a 12.1" Micro-LED display prototype

At IFA 2018, AU Optronics demonstrated a 12.1" full-color TFT-driven micro-LED display prototype. The display features a resolution of 1920x720 (169 PPI). The micro-LED chips are less than 30 um in size.

AUO 12.1'' Micro-LED display prototype (IFA 2018)

The new AUO display uses blue LEDs with color conversion, which achieves "marvelous color performance", according to AUO. This is similar to the 8" 169 PPI display AUO demonstrated only three months ago at SID 2018.

AUO seems to lead a very impressive Micro-LED development effort, but in July 2018 the company says that micro-LEDs are still too expensive and not ready for mass production yet - even after years of R&D. AUO does plan to introduce micro-LEDs in "niche products" in the future.

Posted: Sep 02,2018 by Ron Mertens