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MicroLED displays use ultrafine LED devices to create beautiful, flexible and highly bright and efficient displays.

Recent Micro-LED News

Rohinni shuts down, files for bankruptcy

US-based Rohinni was established in 2013, and focused on miniLED and microLED technologies for lighting and displays. The company, one of the microLED industry pioneers, unfortunately recently shut down and filed for bankruptcy. This 

Rohinni miniLED bondhead deposition photo

Rohinni developed precise placement technology that can achieve speeds greater than 100Hz for mini LEDs. The company has achieved mass product production volumes with its keyboard and logo backlighting joint venture, Luumii. 

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Apple cancels its microLED wearable display project, how will this affect the microLED industry?

Apple started developing microLED displays for wearable devices years ago, first aiming to launch the first product in 2023. The project was delayed several times, as the cost of production for microLED displays was too high for Apple, to the point where it was suggested Apple's goal is to launch the first microLED watch in 2027.

Apple Watch

One of Apple's main microLED partners is ams-Osram, that is building a $850 Million 8-inch microLED epiwafer factory in Malaysia. Yesterday ams-Osram announced that its "cornerstone project" (it did not name Apple specifically) got unexpectedly cancelled. This triggered ams-Osram to re-assess its microLED strategy. As a first estimate ams-Osram believes it will have impairment charges of $650-$900 million and it will also likely to cancel or delay some of its investments in Malaysia (which may actually improve the company's cashflow in the next two years).

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Join us in April for a 2-day OLED innovations virtual event, as part of MicroLED-Connect!

MicroLED Connect, our hybrid event series focusing on the microLED industry, will be hosting a two-day virtual event focused on the OLED innovations, technologies, manufacturing, markets and more. The online event will take place on April 10-11, and will be an excellent opportunity to learn the latest OLED updates and connect with industry professionals on our excellent online event platform..

MicroLED-Connect OLED innovations virtual event agenda image

Today we have published the agenda for this event, with 20 exciting talks by leading OLED developers, supply chain companies and top-edge researchers. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn and connect with the OLED industry. You can register for the event here, with a yearly pass to MicroLED-Connect (with an option to also include entry into our September on-site event in Eindhoven, The Netherlands). Our members also gain access to past event recordings.

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Lenovo shows a prototype laptop with a 17.3-inch transparent microLED display, produced by AUO

Lenovo is demonstrating a new prototype laptop device that uses a 17.3" transparent microLED display (produced by AUO). This is just a prototype at this stage, Lenovo says it has no plans to actually commercialize its Project Crystal device.

Lenovo suggests several use cases for such a device - for example sharing information (in a doctor's office, or a hotel desk), or AR applications such as identifying objects behind the screen (although this seems more suitable for higher mobility devices such as tablets or smartphones). 

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MicroLEDs Will Make a Macro Impact

This is a guest post, by Ioannis (John) Kymissis

Micro light-emitting diode (microLED) technology is the bright young thing in the display world, literally and figuratively. Its high luminance, sharp contrast, and vivid colors, among other attributes, make this one of the most dynamic emerging technologies for next-gen display applications. We’re just beginning to see what the future holds for microLEDs and their potential impact on display and imaging capabilities.

SID Displayweek 2023 exhibition photo

On the Technology Fast Track 

MicroLEDs have made rapid advancements since they were first submitted for patent in 1998. The Kansas State University researchers who developed these miniaturized versions of LEDs envisioned using them in sensors, detectors, and mini-displays. But now, in just under three decades, many major display leaders and emerging companies are racing to produce and integrate the technology in everything from smartwatches to TVs to automotive displays. 

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Terecircuits' founder gives us the latest updates and his views on the microLED industry, towards his upcoming talk at MicroLED-Connect

US-based Terecircuits develops technologies and manufacturing processes for microassembly based on a new class of photo-chemical polymers. The company focuses on the development of a microLED photo-chemical mass transfer process. The company's CEO, Wayne Rickard, will give a talk at the upcoming MicroLED-Connect startup showcase event later this week, and he was kind enough to send us a short update on the company's technology and status, and his views on the microLED industry and market.

Hello Wayne, thank you for your time. Can you tell us a bit about Terecircuits, your technology and current status?

Terecircuits is a Materials Company with leading-edge know-how in synthesis, characterization, and delivery of proprietary encapsulants, polymers, and thin film coatings for the semiconductor and display industries. 

In general, our materials address the unique advanced packaging challenges of precision assembly: die-on-die, heterogeneous integration, 3D stacking, chiplets, SiC die attach, and – as it relates to displays - MicroLED mass transfer.

Read the full story Posted: Feb 19,2024

A new edition of our MicroLED and OLED Microdisplay Market Report released today

Today we published a new edition of our MicroLED and OLED Microdisplays Market Report, with all the latest information. The new edition offers more that a dozen new updates, new companies, new brochures and catalogs, and more. It is a major release with over 30 updates. Global multinational companies are working hard to develop and deploy next-generation AR and VR devices, and these devices will all be based on OLED and microLED microdisplay engines.

Reading this report, you'll learn all about:

  • The advantages of OLED and MicroLED microdisplays
  • The microdisplays that are available on the market today
  • Information on all companies involved in this market
  • Future technologies and roadmaps

The report package also provides:

  • A list of all OLED microdisplays on the market
  • A list of all OLED and MicroLED microdisplays makers
  • Microdisplays spreadsheet
  • Over 25 datasheets, presentations
  • Free updates for a year

This microdisplays market report provides a great introduction to MicroLED and OLED microdisplays, and covers everything you need to know about the current status of the market and industry. This is a great guide if you're considering to adopt OLED microdisplays in your product, if you're looking to learn more about next-generation micro-LEDs and if you want to understand this industry better.

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Recent MicroLED Industry News - February 2024

Here are some of our top MicroLED stories and updates featured at MicroLED-Info, in case you missed it:

Recent updates from MicroLED-Info

In 2022, we launched the MicroLED Industry Association, as an international industry forum to promote microLED technologies and collaboration. The association closed a successful first year, growing to over 40 companies, including leading microLED developers, supply chain companies, researchers, and more. If you are looking to learn about the latest microLED technologies, connect with leading developers and help shape the future of our industry, please consider joining our exciting association.

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OLED-Info launches The OLED Toolbox, a revolutionary information product for the OLED industry

OLED-Info launched a new information product for the OLED industry, The OLED Toolbox, that provides an unprecedented depth of OLED content, data, analysis and insights. This is a must-have tool for microLED developers that need to understand the OLED industry, where it is going, and how to compete in the challenging display industry.

The OLED Toolbox - what you will find inside, tree image

The OLED Toolbox presents an unparalleled array of resources, including guides, projections, analyses, and profound insights into the world of OLED displays. Never before has it been so easy to gain access to a complete OLED industry resource!

What you'll find inside

  • OLED Guide: an expert guide to OLED technologies, the OLED market and the OLED industry, covering everything you need to know about OLEDs
  • OLED Insights: OLED analysis and insights, covering all the latest and future trends and developments in the OLED industry
  • OLED Spreadsheets: excel files with detailed information on the OLED market and industry (including OLED devices, fabs, microdisplays, automotive solutions and more)
  • OLED Leaders: In-depth articles by leading OLED professionals to discuss industry and market topics
  • OLED Library: Over 160 content items by industry players - brochures, catalogs, roadmaps, presentations and more.
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A spotlight on VueReal: a MicroLED Industry Association member

We're happy to interview Reza Chaji, CEO and founder at VueReal, as part of our series of interviews with MicroLED Industry Association members. Canada-based VueReal developed a unique microLED display production process (which it refers to as a MicroSolid Printing Platform) and the company now offers a turnkey platform that enables its partners and customers to develop a custom display and fabricate it at VueReal's own pilot production line. 

Hello Reza, can you introduce your company and technology?

From the outset, we recognized that microLED solutions should address the formidable challenges of developing smartphone microLED displays to pave the way beyond niche markets. Consequently, our focus has been on developing scalable and cost-competitive technologies tailored for high-volume applications. This strategic approach positions us effectively to address the smartphone sector soon and opens doors to other markets.

VueReal's fundamental technological innovation lies in our transfer solution with unique printing attributes, microSolid Printing. This groundbreaking solution boasts distinct advantages over lasers and pick-and-place methods.

Read the full story Posted: Feb 08,2024