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MicroLED displays use ultrafine LED devices to create beautiful, flexible and highly bright and efficient displays.

Recent Micro-LED News

Epistar to invest $122 million USD to build 150 mm microLED epiwafer capacity

According to Ennostar, the company intends to invest around $122 million USD in its Epistar subsidiary, with an aim to setup a production capacity of 150mm microLED epitaxial wafers. The investment will be performed in several stages.

Ennostar also updates that Epistar has completed its mini LED chip production capacity, but the demand for such chips is lower than expected, and so the company's mini LED production utilization is not at 100%.

Read the full story Posted: Aug 11,2022

MICLEDI launches microLED microdisplay arrays with integrated micro-lenses

Belgium-based microLED microdisplay developer MICLEDI launched microLED microdisplays with integrated micro-lenses, which it says it is a first for the display industry.

MICLEDI has already produces samples and test kits of blue microLED arrays, in addition to blue and green microLED arrays, and has shipped samples to potential customers. The company says that red microLED arrays will arrive in Q4 2022. The microLED arrays were produced in the company’s proprietary 300 mm manufacturing flow.

Read the full story Posted: Aug 10,2022

Report suggests both Samsung and LG started developing microLED microdisplays

According to a report from Korea, both Samsung Display and LG Display started to develop microLED microdisplay technologies.

Both companies have recently started to develop OLED microdisplays. According to the report, Samsung targets AR devices with its microLED microdisplay technology, while it targets VR devices with its OLED microdisplays. Samsung's microLED displays will achieve a resolution of 6,000 to 7,000 PPI (higher than its OLED devices).

Read the full story Posted: Aug 09,2022

Anycubic launches a portable 3D printer based on JBD's microLED UVA display

3D printer producer Anycubic announced a new consumer-grade pocket-sized 3D Printer, that is based on a small UVA microLED display, produced by JBD.

Anycubic J1 microLED 3D printer

The display is JBD's standard 0.13" VGA display, but one that emits UVA emission. JBD also developed a custom projector for this new application. The extremely small, yet bright, display module, enabled Anycubic to design an extremely small printer (which is about the size of a 550 cl beverage can). The printer will be able to print details as small as 10 µm due to the high pixel density (>6000PPI) of the microLED display. The energy consumption during operation is only 6W.

Read the full story Posted: Aug 04,2022

Avicena plans to use microLEDs for optical interconnects, raises $25 million

AvicenaTech, a developed of microLED-based chip-to-chip interconnects announced its Series A funding. The company raised $25 million from Samsung Catalyst Fund, Micron Ventures, and others.

Avicena microLED optical interconnects render

The company's LightBundle I/O technology is based on arrays of GaN micro-emitters that leverage the microLED display ecosystem and can be integrated onto any high-performance CMOS IC. Avicena says it leverages recent advances in the display industry to enable high volume, low-cost production of highly optimized microLED arrays.

Read the full story Posted: Aug 04,2022

JBD is developing native full-color microLED microdisplays

China-based MicroLED microdisplay developer Jade Bird Display announced that it is developing a native full-color microLED microdisplay. JBD is working to integrate InGaN and AlInGaP on the same chip, fabricated using conventional thin-film processes.

JBD native full-color microLED microdisplay display

JBD says it developed a proprietary (and patented) technology in which the epitaxy layers were designed to be less susceptibility to edge effects, which helps to increase the display's efficiency. JBD's technology also enables effective mesa sidewall passivation. JBD refers to its technology as monolithic hybrid integration and says it can reach a PPI of up to 10,000 with a pixel pitch of 2.5 um.

Read the full story Posted: Aug 04,2022

The MicroLED Industry Association begins operations, welcomes new members

The MicroLED Industry Association (MIA) successfully concluded its kickoff meeting on August 2nd. The work plan for the coming quarter was announced, and the association members were updated on work processes, collaboration activities and plans for the future.

MIA member logos as of August 2022

The MIA is happy to announce that there are already over 15 members in the microLED association. In addition to its pre-launch founding members, the MIA welcomes the new members that joined since the official announcement on July 13. These companies include 3D Micromac, ASM Pacific Technology group, ClassOne Technology, Radiant Vision Systems and the Ennostar group (Epistar, Lextar, Yenrich and Unikorn).

Read the full story Posted: Aug 03,2022

MicroLED-Info readers get a special discount for the industry's first microLED-focused virtual event

Event organizer Techblick announced a a new event, titled "Mini- & Micro-LED Displays: Markets, Manufacturing Innovations, Applications, Promising Start-ups". This virtual event, the first one to be focused on microLED displays, is co-located with a quantum dots event and will take place from November 30 to December 1, 2022.

Speakers & Exhibitors Include:

MicroLED-Info readers get a special discount for this event, see more here.

Read the full story Posted: Aug 01,2022

Leyard starts producing microLED displays with Saphlux's QD color conversion technology

LED display market Leyard Optoelectronics announced that it developed the world's first mass-produced microLED display that uses quantum dots color conversion technology. Leyard collaborated with Saphlux (of which it owns around 12%).

Leyard adopted Saphlux's NPQD R1 micro LED technology, and have completed the development and testing of the display technology, and now it can mass produce NPQD-powered displays.

Read the full story Posted: Jul 31,2022

Aixtron receives its first order for tools used for volume production of microLEDs

Aixtron announced its financial results for Q2 2022, with the company's highest quarterly order intake since 2011. The company said that it received its first order for tools used in volume production of microLED devices.

Aixtron announced several microLED system orders in the past, but these were R&D or pilot line systems. In 2021 Aixtron said that a US Tier-1 LED producer has selected Aixtron's AIX G5+ C equipment for microLED device production. In February 2022 Wuhan-based HC Semitek selected Aixtron's Planetary AIX 2800G4-TM (IC2) and AIX G5+ C MOCVD systems to produce microLEDs.

Read the full story Posted: Jul 28,2022