Micro-LED (also called mLED) is a display technology that uses tiny (microscopic) red, blue and green LEDs to create a display. An LED-LCD display uses a white LED backligh and liquid-crystals to createa display. But LCDs are very not efficient and most of the light is blocked in the LCs, polarizers and the color filter layers. A micro-LED, on the other hand, is an emissive display in which nothing stands between thelight source and your eyes. Besides being highly efficient, MicroLEDs feature a much better contrast and much faster refresh rates.

There are still challenges towards micro-LED displays. Developing reliable, affordable and scalable pick-and-place process to place the LEDs correctly in the display is a difficult task. There are no commercial microLED dispays on the market yet, and it may take several years before such displays arrive. The first displays will probably be small, and so many believe wearable products (smartwatches, for example) will be the first to adopt microLED technology.

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