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MicroLED displays use ultrafine LED devices to create beautiful, flexible and highly bright and efficient displays.

Recent Micro-LED News

LG Display demonstrates its stretchable 12" microLED touch display prototype

I 2022 LG Display demonstrated a 12" 100 PPI (pixel pitch 40 um) full-color stretchable MicroLED display. During Display Week 2023, the company demonstrated this display again, in a demo that showed a working touch version of this display covering an automotive-style button, which was quite impressive.

The display can stretch up to 20% (to create a 14" display), and LG says that this display can be commercialized soon, as it is highly flexible, durable, and reliable. The new display is produced on a "highly resilient film-type substrate made of special silicon used in contact lenses".

Read the full story Posted: Jun 01,2023

Sitan shows its latest microLED microdisplays and transparent displays at Display Week 2023

China-based microLED display developer Sitan Technology demonstrated its latest microLED displays at Display Week 2023.

The company has developed four microLED microdisplays: 0.13" 1024x748 monochrome, 0.18"  800x600 monochrome, 0.18” 600x400 full-color and a 0.45" monochrome FHD panel. The company's 0.13" display offers a display density of 10,000 PPI (monochrome). The company also showed small transparent microLEDs.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 01,2023

Seoul Semiconductor unveils new vertically-stacked WICOP microLED prototypes at Display Week 2023

During Display Week 2023, Seoul Semiconductor demonstrated new prototype display modules that use its WICOP microPixel technology. WICOP Pixel is a full-color one-chip vertically-stacked microLED technology that does not require wire bonding, packaging, or lens, and enables easier microLED display production.

Seoul Semi updates that its latest WICOP Pixels reach a brightness of 10,000 nits (up from 4,000 in its previous generation technology).

Read the full story Posted: Jun 01,2023

Tianma shows three transparent microLED display prototypes at Display Week 2023

During Display Week 2023, Tianma demonstrated its latest microLED display prototypes - all of which are transparent displays, stating that the main application for such displays is in the automotive sector.

The first display is a 8.75" panel, offering a resolution of 880x480 (114 PPI), a brightness of 800 nits and high transparency of over 70%. The display is an active-matrix microLED produced on an LTPS backplane.

Read the full story Posted: May 31,2023

AUO shows its latest microLED displays at Display Week 2023

AUO has demonstrated its latest microLED displays at Display Week 2023. Most of these displays have been shown before, but this was an impressive lineup for the Taiwanese display maker, and we'll detail the displays below.

So first up we have the 13.5" 1920x1080 (163 PPI) transparent microLEDs, which AUO says is the highest-resolution transparent microLED display ever demonstrated. The display offers a transparency of 55% and a high brightness of 5,000 nits. The microLEDs used in this display are 30 micron in size.

Read the full story Posted: May 29,2023

Mojo Vision lit up its first 300 mm GaN-On-Silicon blue microLED wafer

AR microLED microdisplay developer Mojo Vision announced that it has achieved a process milestone and has lit-up its first 300 mm GaN-on-Silicon blue microLED array wafer. The company says it is on track to maturing its 300 mm CMOS fab process.

Mojo Vision is developing microdisplays based on blue LEDs and quantum dots color conversion. The company developed the world's highest density microLEDs, achieve up to 28,000 PPI (sub-micron LEDs).

Read the full story Posted: May 29,2023

SID DisplayWeek 2023 - first microLED impressions

Display Week 2023, the industry's premier event, is now over, and it was a great week. We had dozens of meetings and saw many next-generation display technologies. As we go over all materials, we will upload new stories to detail the displays on show.

During the conference, we also hosted the first annual MicroLED Industry Association meeting, and were happy to see almost 40 people attending the meeting, and staying for several hours - discussing their latest technologies and exchanging information and news.

Here are our key takeaways from this show:

Read the full story Posted: May 28,2023

XTPL and QustomDot report excellent compatibility of QustomDot's unique color conversion inks with XTPL's Delta printing system

XTPL and QustomDot have joined forces in a EU-supported consortium that aims to develop printed and flexible microLED displays (BAMBAM*). We are excited to announce that the two companies have tested a new generation of InP-based quantum dot (QD) inks that have the potential to revolutionize the field of microLED displays. The experiments showcase the excellent compatibility of QustomDot's unique red and green inks with XTPL’s state-of-the-art Delta Printing System.

QD inks were deposited with unparalleled precision, accuracy and uniformity, as attested by a reproducibility of the deposited droplet diameter below 300 nm – well within the requirements for microLED. Being able to do this on both hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces, our solution further highlights the versatility towards different integration flows. The prints are capable of satisfying the current demands for display printing and the prospective requirements for manufacturing microLEDs. The combined impact of XTPL’s printing system and QustomDot’s QD inks indicates that this technology is incredibly versatile, and presents exciting opportunities for expanding the use of QD-based ink printing on a larger scale. The results have been nothing short of spectacular!

Read the full story Posted: May 24,2023

NS Nanotech reports the fabrication of submicron native-red nanowire microLEDs with EQE of 8%

NS Nanotech announced that its researchers from the University of Michigan, led by the company's co-founder Prof. Zetian Mi, has developed a native red sub-micron microLED device with an EQE of over 8%. The company says that this is the world's most efficient submicron-scale LED.

NS Nanotech has an exclusive license to commercialize prof. Zetian's LED technology and technologies developed at McGill University. The company grows unique nanowire LEDs using MBE technology.

Read the full story Posted: May 21,2023