Samsung launches its 2024 microLED TV lineup in China, with a new $90,000 76-inch model

Samsung Electronics held a press event in China, launching its 2024 microLED TV lineup (in addition to its QLED and OLED TV ranges). The 2024 microLED TV lineup includes four 4K TV sizes, ranging from 76- to 114-inch.

Samsung says that it improved its microLED TV technology, offer enhanced contrast (using a new unexplained technology called 'micro-contrast technology') and color accuracy. The microLED TVs offers built-in 6.2.2 Dolby Atmos sound, and Samsung's latest NQ8 AI Gen 3 AI chipset. Interestingly, Samsung published the retail price of its microLED TVs:

  • 76 inches : 650,000 RMB ($90,000 USD)
  • 89 inches : 750,000 RMB ($105,000 USD)
  • 101 inches : 900,000 RMB (US$125,000 USD)
  • 114 inches : 1.25 million RMB ($173,500 USD)

This is great to see Samsung introducing a new, smaller microLED TV size, even if the prices are still extremely high. In early 2023, the company introduced its CX MicroLED TV lineup, announcing TVs in sizes 50-, 63- 77-, 89-, 101-, 104- and 140-inch. These TVs did not appear on the market yet, and the smallest TV up until this new 76-inch was the 89-inch panel introduced in Korea in June 2023.

Posted: Mar 21,2024 by Ron Mertens