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Samsung is a multi-national company, based in South Korea, that produces and markets a wide range of consumer electronic products and components such as displays and memory chips.

Samsung has been developing microLED displays for many years, and has several active microLED projects. Samsung Display is developing tiled microLED panels, wearable microLED displays, and more. Samsung Electronics produces and markets large-area microLED TVs, and also develops microLED microdisplays via its Samsung Semiconductors subsidiary.


For the TV market, Samsung is marketing commercial tiled microLED TVs, under the The Wall brand, and consumer-level (high premium) TVs. As microLED technology is the strategic focus for Samsung's premium TV offerings, the company continues to broaden its selection of available microLED televisions.

Samsung 146'' micro-LED TV, The Wall
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Samsung launches 89-inch and 101-inch microLED TVs

Samsung Electronics launched two new MicroLED TVs, in sizes 89-inch and 101-inch. Samsung's "consumer" microLED TV range now includes 89", 101", 110” and 114" sizes.

The price of the 89-inch model is $110,000, and the 101-inch model costs $130,000. Samsung's largest consumer MicroLED TV costs $150,000 at 114-inches.

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Samsung launches a $130,000 114" microLED TV in Korea

Samsung Electronics launched a new 114" microLED TV in Korea, with a price tag of 180 million Won (about $132,600). 

Interestingly, a couple of months ago Samsung introduced four new microLED TVs in China, including the 114-inch model, but it quoted a price of $173,000 - or about 30% higher than the price in Korea. 

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Samsung shows a 38-inch microLED monitor prototype

An interesting video surfaced, showing a small (reportedly 38-inch) microLED monitor prototype by Samsung, shown at a trade show:

We do not have any more information, but this is an interesting demo by Samsung. It is estimated that the monitor has a resolution of FHD (1920x1080), if Samsung is using the same tiles as the ones used in its TVs. It could be that this is not a tiled display, but we simply do not know at this stage.

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Samsung plans to release its first microLED wearable display in 2025, but this may get delayed

In early 2023, it was reported in Korea that Samsung Display started a new project to develop microLED wearable displays, aiming to finish the development by the end of 2023, and supply it to Tier-1 wearable makers such as Apple or Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 photo

According to a new report, Samsung Electronic had indeed started developing a microLED powered Galaxy Watch device, aiming to release it in 2025. Following Apple's microLED wearble project cancellation, Samsung is also now debating whether to cancel or delay its own microLED smartwatch project.

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Samsung launches its 2024 microLED TV lineup in China, with a new $90,000 76-inch model

Samsung Electronics held a press event in China, launching its 2024 microLED TV lineup (in addition to its QLED and OLED TV ranges). The 2024 microLED TV lineup includes four 4K TV sizes, ranging from 76- to 114-inch.

Samsung says that it improved its microLED TV technology, offer enhanced contrast (using a new unexplained technology called 'micro-contrast technology') and color accuracy. The microLED TVs offers built-in 6.2.2 Dolby Atmos sound, and Samsung's latest NQ8 AI Gen 3 AI chipset. Interestingly, Samsung published the retail price of its microLED TVs:

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Stanford researchers funded by Samsung develop new stretchable skin-like electronics suitable for microLED driving

Researchers from Stanford, led by prof. Zhenan Bao, developed skin-like stretchable electronic devices, using ag new design and fabrication process. The researchers say that the newly developed methods enable devices that are five time smaller and one thousand faster than their previous devices.

The new stretchable devices are powerful and fast enough to drive microLEDs, and indeed the researchers demonstrated driving 60Hz microLED arrays. The devices can also be used to drive sensors. 

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MicroLEDs Will Make a Macro Impact

This is a guest post, by Ioannis (John) Kymissis

Micro light-emitting diode (microLED) technology is the bright young thing in the display world, literally and figuratively. Its high luminance, sharp contrast, and vivid colors, among other attributes, make this one of the most dynamic emerging technologies for next-gen display applications. We’re just beginning to see what the future holds for microLEDs and their potential impact on display and imaging capabilities.

SID Displayweek 2023 exhibition photo

On the Technology Fast Track 

MicroLEDs have made rapid advancements since they were first submitted for patent in 1998. The Kansas State University researchers who developed these miniaturized versions of LEDs envisioned using them in sensors, detectors, and mini-displays. But now, in just under three decades, many major display leaders and emerging companies are racing to produce and integrate the technology in everything from smartwatches to TVs to automotive displays. 

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Hilton Waikiki Beach installs a 146-inch Samsung The Wall microLED display

Hilton Waikiki Beach in Hawaii installed a new 146-inch Samsung The Wall microLED display in the lobby bar. The hotel management chose the high-end display in an effort to enhance the guest experience while attracting more local foot traffic.

The hotel's  howner says that the stunning visual clarity and unparalleled contrast convinced him to adopt the new microLED display. The 146-inch screen will be used to show sports, news or videos of island scenery.

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Samsung Semiconductors to take over Samsung's microLED microdisplay development

According to new reports from Korea, Samsung Electronics decided that from now on, Samsung Display will handle all OLED microdisplay projects, while Samsung Semiconductor (SSI, or specifically, the Compound Semiconductor Solutions team) will handle all microLED microdisplay development.

Samsung Display OLED microdisplay roadmap slide (2022-08)

Samsung sees OLED microdisplays as the solution of choice for next-generation VR headsets, such as Apple's Vision Pro (that uses 1.4" 4K OLED microdisplays made by Sony), while microLEDs will power the more demanding AR applications.

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