Samsung launches 89-inch and 101-inch microLED TVs

Samsung Electronics launched two new MicroLED TVs, in sizes 89-inch and 101-inch. Samsung's "consumer" microLED TV range now includes 89", 101", 110” and 114" sizes.

The price of the 89-inch model is $110,000, and the 101-inch model costs $130,000. Samsung's largest consumer MicroLED TV costs $150,000 at 114-inches.


In early 2023, the company introduced its CX MicroLED TV lineup, announcing TVs in sizes 50-, 63- 77-, 89-, 101-, 104- and 140-inch. Most of these TVs did not launch yet, though, and the company is now offering only 4 sizes. For business settings, it offers customized microLED TV displays. 

Posted: Jun 06,2024 by Ron Mertens