Samsung plans to release its first microLED wearable display in 2025, but this may get delayed

In early 2023, it was reported in Korea that Samsung Display started a new project to develop microLED wearable displays, aiming to finish the development by the end of 2023, and supply it to Tier-1 wearable makers such as Apple or Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 photo

According to a new report, Samsung Electronic had indeed started developing a microLED powered Galaxy Watch device, aiming to release it in 2025. Following Apple's microLED wearble project cancellation, Samsung is also now debating whether to cancel or delay its own microLED smartwatch project.


We discussed Apple's microLED withdrawal in a recent article, and it's likely that Samsung is facing similar challenges - the technology for mass produce consumer electronics bound microLED displays may not be ready yet. The advantages of microLEDs over OLEDs (mainly higher brightness, efficiency and lifetime) may not be enough to justify the high cost of production using current-generation processes.

On the other hand, Apple's withdrawal could be good news for display suppliers such as Samsung Display that may aim to develop microLED displays and supply these to Apple's future wearables.

Several other display makers beyond Samsung are also developing wearable microdisplays - including PlayNitride, AUO, Visionox, TCL-CSoT and more.

Posted: Mar 24,2024 by Ron Mertens