PlayNitride shows its latest microLED displays at SID Displayweek 2022

PlayNitride demonstrates its latest microLED display prototypes and technologies at SID Displayweek 2022.

PlayNitride SID Displayweek 2022 booth and 132-inch microLED tiled display

At the entrance to PlayNitride's booth, you can see a long 132-inch tiled microLED display, made from 192 modules (each 5" in size). The 7680x1080 59PPI display is completely seamless and offers 3,000 nits and a 116% NTSC color gamut.




PlayNitride is also showing its latest 9.38" transparent display, which offers 65-70% transparency and a brightness of around 800 nits. There's also a new 11.6" 24:9 2480x960 (228 PPI) 1,000-nits automotive-grade display.

Playnitride 9.38'' transparent microLED prototype (SID 2022)

Other displays at the booth include the company's 1.58" 256x256 (228 PPI) Passive-Matrix wearable display, a 7.56" 720x480 114 PPI HDR touch-enabled QD-microLED display, a 1.39" circular microLED and 7.56" flexible panels. Finally you can see the company's 0.49-inch FHD (4536 PPI) full-color microLED microdisplay. Most of these displays have been demonstrated before.

The QD-microLED display (7.56", 114 PPI, HDR) was reportedly very interesting and drew large crowds. PlayNitride says that it produced the quantum dots layers using Panasonic-made equipment. It also revealed the LED chips are 15x30 in size. PlayNitride showed two versions, one regular and one transparent (60% transparency).

Posted: May 12,2022 by Ron Mertens