Innovation Semiconductor's CTO shares his views on the microLED industry and details his upcoming talk at MicroLED-Connect

Innovation Semiconductor is a US-based early stage company that develops technologies for color-tunable vertically-integrated microLED displays. The company's CTO and co-founder Matthew Hartensveld will give a lecture at the upcoming MicroLED-Connect virtual webinar on November 2023, and was kind enough to answer a few questions we had.

Hello Matthew, can you give us a short intro to your company and microLED product/service?

Innovation Semiconductor is a pioneering microLED startup offering comprehensive monolithic display solutions. We're advancing unique technologies like GaN-based MOSFETs and microLEDs on one wafer. Additionally, we're crafting color-adjustable microLEDs all while using standard semiconductor equipment.

What will you talk about during the microLED Connect's event?

During the microLED Connect's event, I will discuss our innovative approach to color-tunable microLEDs. We utilize strain engineering to produce regions with varying Indium content, enabling red to blue emission from a singular InGaN material system. We've also fabricated prototype arrays to demonstrate the capabilities of this technology.

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Samsung Display developed a 0.25" Full-HD microLED microdisplay, targeting AR applications

Samsung Display announced that it has developed a 0.25" 1920x1080 (FHD) microLED microdisplay, targeting AR applications. The company did not disclose more information about this new display.

We reported that SDC has started to develop microLED microdisplay technologies in August 2022. According to our information, Samsung targets AR devices with its microLED microdisplay technology, while it targets VR devices with its OLED microdisplays.

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Monolithic MicroLED Integration – Technology and Challenges

The MicroLED Industry Association published today a new white paper, that is focused on monolithic microLED integration.

A major challenge in producing MicroLED displays is the transfer stage, also known as Pick and Place. This production step is responsible for transferring individual LEDs from the original wafer to the final display. In some cases, it is possible to (more or less) skip this stage and transfer the LEDs directly to the final display through a process called monolithic microLED integration.

This document will focus on such a process, discuss various options for its execution and examine the types of displays and applications it is suitable for. The white paper is published on the MicroLED Association's website, and is open to the public.

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Saphlux developed a 0.39" full-color microLED microdisplay using its NPQD color conversion technology

US-based Saphlux has developed a 0.39" full-color microLED Microdisplay, based on the company's NPQD color conversion technology. You can see a sample of Saphlux's T1-0.39 RGB display in the video below. 

Saphlux's first microdisplay offers a maximum white brightness of 250,000 nits, and a wide color gamut. The company is using high-EQE blue microLEDs (it has a partner that supplies the LEDs) and its NPQD technology achieves 67% photon conversion efficiency. The company's technology enables a pixel pitch of sub-2 microns. 

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TrendForce: the microLED chip market is set to grow at a 136% CAGR, to reach $580 million in 2027

Market Research firm Trendforce predicts that microLED chip sales will reach $27 million in 2023, a growth of almost 100 compared to 2022 ($14 million). Trendforce says that the market is expected to actually accelerate its growth, and grow at a CAGR of 136% from 2022 to 2027, reaching $580 million in 2027. 

Of course not just the LED chip market will grow - the entire ecosystem, including production equipment, backplanes, and more.

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Reports suggest Meta is abandoning Plessey's microLED microdisplay technology and processes

In March 2020, Facebook (now Meta) signed a deal with UK-based MicroLED microdisplay developer Plessey Semiconductor to dedicate all of Plessey's microLED manufacturing operations to support Facebook with its own product development. Facebook pretty much acquired Plessey's microLED operations with this exclusive deal.

Facebook hoped to utilize microLED microdisplays in future AR headsets. According to a new report, the company has decided to use LCoS microdisplays for its first consumer AR device, codenamed Artemis, which will be released (if all goes according to plan) in 2027. It seems as if the development based on Plessey's technology and processes did not progress as expected, and Meta did not manage to develop high brightness microLEDs or a process with satisfactory yields.

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A spotlight on 3D Micromac: a MicroLED Industry Association member

We're happy to interview 3D Micromac, as part of our series of interviews with MicroLED Industry Association members. Germany-based 3D-Micromac is the industry leader in laser micromachining and roll-to-roll laser systems. The company offers laser equipment for µLED forward transfer, lift-off and repair process steps - ready for high volume production.

Hello, can you introduce your company and technology?

Frank Richter (Head of Sales at 3D Micromac): 3D-Micromac has established itself as a leader in laser micromachining and a pioneer of new production technologies for various industries for the last 20 years. This especially applies to the excimer and ultra-short pulse laser technology.

We have extensive experience applying innovative laser technology to new and emerging applications to support their volume-production requirements. For MicroLED production, ultra-high precision in combination with the highest reliability and stability is needed. These are core competencies of 3D-Micromac.

Our product portfolio includes several laser-based system solutions for various manufacturing steps in the MicroLED production process. All systems offer integrated process control and monitoring to assure stable and reliable operation, thus enabling high throughput and low yield losses. 

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Get your discount for TechBlick's upcoming AR/VR in-person virtual event!

Event organizer TechBlick, in collaboration with the MicroLED Association, is hosting an AR/VR in-person virtual event on July 26-27, and MicroLED-Info readers get a special discount. 

TechBlick has put together a world-class agenda focusing on all the elements of the vision system. The agenda brings together companies and start-ups advancing the technology and the art and includes leading market and technology analysts. Click here for more information!

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Meta launches a 5 million Euro AR research project at Tyndall National Institute

Meta announced that has entered into a research partnership with Ireland-based deep-tech research centre Tyndall National Institute. Tyndall launched a four-year project to help advance AR technologies.

Meta will invest €5 million in this project, which will focus on key AR technologies, including the investigation of the efficiency of microLED microdisplays based systems. The project will be led by Prof. Paul Hurley.

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A new edition of our MicroLED and OLED Microdisplay Market Report released today

Today we published a new edition of our MicroLED and OLED Microdisplays Market Report, with all the latest information. The new edition offers more that a dozen new updates, new companies, new brochures and catalogs, and more. Global multinational companies are working hard to develop and deploy next-generation AR and VR devices, and these devices will all be based on OLED and microLED microdisplay engines.

Reading this report, you'll learn all about:

  • The advantages of OLED and MicroLED microdisplays
  • The microdisplays that are available on the market today
  • Information on all companies involved in this market
  • Future technologies and roadmaps

The report package also provides:

  • A list of all OLED microdisplays on the market
  • A list of all OLED and MicroLED microdisplays makers
  • Microdisplays spreadsheet
  • Over 25 datasheets, presentations
  • Free updates for a year

This microdisplays market report provides a great introduction to MicroLED and OLED microdisplays, and covers everything you need to know about the current status of the market and industry. This is a great guide if you're considering to adopt OLED microdisplays in your product, if you're looking to learn more about next-generation micro-LEDs and if you want to understand this industry better.

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