Vuzix announces it is using JBD's microLED displays, teases its upcoming microLED AR glasses

Last year, smart glasses developer Vuzix announced that it will release its first microLED microdisplay powered AR glasses in 2021. The company today announced that it is using JBD's microdisplays, and has published the video you see below which shows the new glasses.

Vuzix revealed that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with JBD (Jade Bird Display) to collaborate on the co-development and cross-supply of solutions incorporating microLED display engines and Vuzix waveguides. Under the agreement, JBD will provide microLED displays and Vuzix will provide newly developed proprietary waveguides and display engine optics to work with these displays.

Both JBD and Vuzix will offer the complete solutions and components and both parties have agreed to supply to each other on a priority allocation basis.

Vuzix microLED display engine 2021 photo

In 2018, Plessey Semiconductor announced a partnership with Vuzix to develop advanced Micro-LED display engines. This plan was to commercialize the first products by 2019. Later in 2019 Plessey announced it has entered into a long-term micro-LED supply agreement with Vuzix. But in 2020 Plessey was acquired by Facebook, and Vuzix had to find a new partner - which now we know is JBD.

Posted: Jan 12,2021 by Ron Mertens