Plessey signs deal with Facebook to dedicate all of its MicroLED operations to support Facebook's AR project

UK-based GaN-On-Si MicroLED microdisplay developer Plessey Semiconductor announced a partnership with Facebook - in fact Plessey will dedicated all of its manufacturing operations to support Facebook with its own product development.

Plesssey says that its displays will be used to support Facebook's prototypes, and the company will develop new microLED technologies to future AR/VR applications.

This is a very interesting announcement. Plessey did not disclose the financial terms, but this agreement is very close to an acquisition. Plessey has been working with other companies - for example with Vuzix with whom a long-term agreement was signed - it is not clear what will happen to this agreement now.

Earlier this year Plessey demonstrated its latest microLED technologies - an automotive HUD display based on Plessey's 0.7" blue monochrome MicroLED display, a native red InGaN microLED and a 0.3" sample of the company's segmented microdisplay technology. It is likely that Plessey will not further develop these segmented display now. It will also be interesting to see whether Facebook will be interested in Plessey's Passive-Matrix MicroLED technology.

Posted: Mar 31,2020 by Ron Mertens