Plessey and WaveOptics to co-develop a microLED optical module for next-generation smart glasses

UK-based GaN-On-Si MicroLED microdisplay developer Plessey Semiconductor announced a new partnership with waveguide designer WaveOptics to develop new optical modules for next-generation smart glasses.

Plessey native GaN-on-Si green micro LEDs photo

The module will incorporate Plessey's high brightness green Full-HD microLED displays with WaveOptics' Katana waveguide technology and projector design. Plessey says that this module will be the smallest and lowest mass AR display module available on the market.

Last month at CES Plessey demonstrated its new microLED technologies - including a 0.7" blue monochrome MicroLED display HUDs (this same display was demonstrated at SID DisplayWeek 2019, and uses JDC's silicon backplane), a native red InGaN microLED and a 0.3-inch full-color sample of Plessey's new segmented microdisplay technology:

 Plessey 0.3'' multi-color segmented microdisplay (CES 2020)

Posted: Feb 06,2020 by Ron Mertens