Vuzix - we'll release our first microLED smart glasses in 2021

Vuzix announced that it is developing its next-generation Smart Glasses, that will be powered by microLED microdisplays and other advanced technologies. The first such glasses are expected to become available in 2021.

Vuzix is developing a wide range of devices, ranging from "reasonably priced consumer-facing product" to a higher end enterprise version with built-in cellular connectivity. Vuzix says that the new advanced waveguide optics and binocular displays will enable a larger field of view and an enhanced user experience. Vuzix is developing solutions based on both monochrome and full-color microLEDs.

In June 2018, UK-based GaN-on-Si MicroLED developer Plessey Semiconductor announced a partnership with Vuzix to develop advanced Micro-LED display engines. This plan was to commercialize the first products by 2019. Later in 2019 Plessey announced it has entered into a long-term micro-LED supply agreement with Vuzix.

Plessey continued to be acquired by Facebook in March 2020, and the company is now dedicating its entire operations to Facebook. It is likely that Vuzix is working with a different microLED microdisplay supplier.

Posted: Sep 04,2020 by Ron Mertens