Aixtron logoAixtron AG is a provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry. The company's technology solutions are used by a diverse range of customers world wide to build advanced components for electronic and opto-electronic applications based on compound, silicon, or organic semiconductor materials.

Aixtron's AIX G5+ is an MOCVD system used to create micro-LEDs, providing on-wafer uniformity control, low particle levels and unique advanced features for demanding micro LED requirements.


Aledia logoFrance-based Aledia, founded in 2011, developed a technology to grow 3D GaN LEDs on 200 mm silicon wafers using CMOS wafer-fabrication processes and tools. Aledia says that its LED chips are 25% cheaper compared to traditional planar LED chips, and these LEDs can be used for micro-LED displays.

Aledia raised over $40 million in two financing rounds in 2013 and 2015.

ALLOS Semiconductors

Allos Semiconductors logoALLOS Semiconductors is an IP licensing and technology company that focuses on GaN-on-Si technology.

For the micro-LED market, ALLOS offers a turn-key technology transfer to establish a super-uniform CMOS-compatible large (200 mm) epiwafer process at customers within only 12 weeks.


Apple LogoApple, one of the world's largest companies, develops consumer electronics and computer software, and the company also develops a wide range of next generation technologies.

In 2014 Apple acquired LuxVue Technology, a startup company that developed Micro-LED based displays. LuxVuew raised $43 million in funding prior to the Apple purchase. Apple continues to researcn and develop Micro-LED technologies and established a research and production facility in Taoyuan, Taiwan.


CEA-Leti logoCEA-Leti is a non-profit research institute based in Grenoble, France. CEA-Leti is one of the world's largest microelectronics and nanotechnology organizations.

Crystalwise Technology

Crystalwise Technology logoCrystalwise, established in 2000 in Taiwan, produces hard substrates for semiconductor applications. The company mass produces LiTaO3, LiNbO3 substrates for SAW Filter devices and sapphire substrates for blue-white LED epitaxy.

Crsytalwise offers 6-inch polished wafers for Micro-LED growth.


eLux logoeLux Inc. was established in 2016 in the USA with an aim to develop a scalable "fluidic" assembly process to create micro-LED devices.

In 2017 Foxconn (through its Subsidiary CyberNet Venture Capital) invested $10 million in eLux.

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