Enkris Semiconductor

Enkris Semiconductor logoChina-based Enkris Semiconductor is a GaN epi-foundry, that offers GaN-on-Silicon, GaN-on- SiC , GaN-on-Sapphire and GaN-on-GaN epi wafers with varied sizes.

Polar Light Technologies

Polar Light Technologies logoPolar Light Technologies was spun-off from Sweden's Linköping University to commercialize a monolithic approach to produce pyramidal microLEDs using a MOCVD-based a bottom-up growth process.


Ennostar logoTaiwan-based Ennostar was established in early 2021 as a joint venture between Epistar and Lextar. Ennostar is the holding company that owns both Epistar and Lextar, and together the two companies hold about 12.5% of the global LED chip market.

Ennostar official goal is to become a multinational investment platform for the compound semiconductor industries. Specifically the focus is on mini LEDs and microLEDs products and technologies.


Pototech logoPorotech was spun-off the University of Cambridge, to commercialize a porous GaN material platform technology using a unique production method.

Porotech targets several markets, including quantum computing, power electronics, lasers and microLEDs.

Unity Opto

Unity Opto logoTaiwan-based Unity Opto Technology, established in 1993, develops and markets a wide variety of LED products, including LED packages, LED back lighting for displays and automotive LED products.

Seoul Viosys

Seoul Viosys logoKorea-based Seoul Viosys provides a wide range of UV wavelength LED devices and mass produces LED chips for all wavelengths, from 200 nm to 1600 nm.

Iljin Display

Iljin Display logoKorea based ILJIN Display is a producer of sapphire substrates, and the only company in Korea that makers sapphire single crystal and substrates.

ILJIN supplies microLED substrates to microLED developers - including to Epistar, PlayNitride and Samsung Electronics.


Shineon logoChina-based ShineOn, established in 2010, is a global LED package and module solution provide for the lighting and display markets.