Quantum Dots producer Nanosys acquires microLED display developer glo

Quantum Dots developer Nanosys announced that it acquired 3D Nanowire microLED display developer Glo. The financial details were not disclosed.

Japan Display and glo 1.6-inch microLED prototype photo

Glo has been developing GaN microLED displays on both LTPS and CMOS (microdisplay) backplane. The company, founded in 2003, has invested (according to Nanosys) over $200 million in its technology - which includes epitaxial LED growth, transfer technology and chip processing.

Over the years, Glo announced several prototypes and collaborations.

In early 2019, Glo demonstrated two displays. First up is the 1.5-inch 264 PPI 4000-nits LTPS display you can see in the image below. Glo also demonstrated a 1000 PPI 100,000 nits MicroLED microdisplay, produced on a silicon CMOS backplane.

Glo: MicroLED vs OLED, LTPS demo 2019

Later in 2019 Glo together with Kyocera demonstrated a 1.8-inch 256x256 (200 PPI) microLED display based on Kyocera's LTPS backplane. Towards the end of 2019, glo, together with Japan Display, showed a 1.6" 300x300 (256 PPI) 3,000 nits display that is based on JDI's LTPS backplane with microLED chips developed by Glo.

Posted: May 21,2021 by Ron Mertens