VueReal was awarded with $7.7 million in government funds to scale up its microLED production line

MicroLED developer VueReal announced that it was awarded CAD$10.5 million (USD$7.7 million) in government support to scale up its micropixel fabrication and printing solutions. Vuereal will receive the funds from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and InvestOntario.

VueReal says that this funding will be part of a CAD$40 million production line facility project, that will employ 75 full permanent jobs in Waterloo, Canada.

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Korea may designate microLED display technology as a national strategic technology

There are reports from Korea that say that the Korean Government is considering designating microLED display technology as a "national strategic technology", which means that companies will be given tax benefits, to encourage further investments and R&D.

According to the reports, next week the government will unveil a new draft tax law next week that will also include OLEDs and quantum dot displays as strategic technologies.

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Mojo Vision changes its focus to develop its microLED display technology, lays off 75% of its work force

AR developer Mojo Vision announced that as it finds it challenging to raise more funds, it is changing its focus to develop its microLED technology and "decelerating" its work on the smart contact lens system.

Mojo Vision CEO, first on-eye wear photo

According to reports, Mojo Vision has laid off 75% of its employees - it is estimated that the company laid off around 100 employees (it had around 150 employees before the change). The company's CEO says that the its microLED display technology has "is significant near-term market potential".

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Just One Touch installs the world's first $800,000 219-inch Samsung The Wall residential microLED TV

An California-based integrator, Just One Touch/Video & Audio Center, announced that it has installed the first-ever residential installation of Samsung's latest 219-inch microLED The Wall TV. The price of this project was about $800,000. The installation took three days to complete.

The 219-inch display is made from the IW-008A modules, which offer a 0.84 mm pixel pitch, 120Hz refresh rate, a peak brightness of 2,000 nits and a maximum brightness of 250 nits.

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Raysolve Technology demonstrate a 0.39" full color QD-CC microLED microdisplay prototype

Hong Kong based microLED microdisplay developer Raysolve Technology announced its first demonstration of a microLED microdisplay - a full-color 0.39" display.

The display is based on blue LEDs and a photolithographic QD color conversion layer. Raysolve is using a unique process, which is semiconductor process compatible, to create a novel optical design and material structure that achieves higher contrast, improved colors and a more efficient display.

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NanoSys sells its GaN microLED fab to microLED chip communication developer Avicena

In May 2021 Quantum Dots developer Nanosys acquired 3D Nanowire microLED display developer Glo. The company today announced that it is selling its GaN MicroLED fab and its related engineering team to Avicena, a startup that develops microLED-based optical interconnects. Nanosys received an equity stake in Avicena.

Avicena microLED optical interconnects render

Avicena will use the fab and team to develop and produce high-speed GaN microLEDs optimized for parallel multi-Tbps interconnects. Before the agreement, Avicena was using the Nanosys fab for the development of its microLEDs.

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PlayNitride is now a public company, trades at the Taiwan Stock Exchange, discloses its latest financial results

PlayNitride debuted on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, and the company, now public, trades on the Taiwan Innovation Board - this is the first company on the new board. The ticker for PlayNitride is 6854.

PlayNitride SID Displayweek 2022 booth and 132-inch microLED tiled display

PlayNitride revealed that in 2021 it posted a net loss of around $40 million USD. In the first seven months of 2022, its revenues reached around $7.3 million USD, up 255% from the same period in 2021. The Company also revealed that it currently produces between 1,500 to 2,000 6-inch microLED wafers each month. PlayNitride expects to turn a profit in 2023.

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Green GaN microLED developer Kubos Semiconductors raises $600,000

UK-based Kubos Semiconductors raised $605,000 to launch its cubic-GaN LED technology into new markets, such as microLED displays.

Kubos says that its unique cubic-GaN technology can increase light output (and efficiency) of green LEDs. Kubos operates in a fabless model and says that its technology is fully compatible with standard LED development process on large wafers, offering lower cost volume production. Kubos is also looking to use the technology to produce red GaN LEDs.

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