Rohinni logoUS-based Rohinni, established in 2013, focuses on micro-LED technologies for lighting and displays.

Rohinni developed several Micro-LED technologies, including Lumus, a robot that can pick and place LEDs and the PiXey process which is based on Lumos enabled high-speed precise placement of micro LEDs. One of the first applications Rohinni targets is backlighting for keyboards, but the company is also interested in micro-LED displays.

In August 2018 Rohinni announced a JV with Magna Electronics to bring mini-LED and micro-LED lighting devices to the automotive market. In 2019 Rohinni announced a new joint venture with China-based display maker BOE to develop LCD mini-LED and micro-LED backlighting units.

Company Address: 
2139 N Main Street
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
United States