Article last updated on: Oct 11, 2021

This MicroLED Displays - Transfer Process report (October 2021), brought to you by the world's leading MicroLED and OLED industry experts, is a comprehensive guide to transfer process technologies used for the production of microLED displays.

Reading this report, you'll learn all about:

  • All known microLED transfer processes
  • The current industry and market status
  • Advantages and disadvantages of transfer technologies
  • Future technologies and roadmaps

The report package also provides:

  • Information on transfer-less production
  • An introduction to microLED production processes
  • Over 15 presentations and technical papers
  • Free updates for a year
Ron Mertens
This market report was written by Ron Mertens, CEO and editor-in-chief at MicroLED-Info, the global knowledge hub for all things MicroLED.
This microLED display transfer process report provides a comprehensive look into current and future LED transfer technologies processes used for the production of microLED displays. The report covers everything you need to know about the current status of the industry.

Here's what you'll find inside:

Why do we think this is the best guide to the MicroLED transfer process on the market?

  • It's comprehensive: covers all companies and technologies
  • It includes everything you need to know to get a good grip on the microLED transfer process
  • It's updated - includes the latest developments up until October 2021

The MicroLED transfer process report license options:

Please contact us for more details regarding the enterprise license and academic discounts available. Owners of previous digital copies and licenses are entitled to a special upgrade discount.