MICLEDI raises 4.5 million Euro to develop next-gen MicroLED microdisplays

MICLEDI logoMICLEDI, established in Belgium in 2019 as a spin-off from IMEC, announced that it raised €4.5 million to develop next-generation microLED microdisplays for AR applications.

MICLEDI says that it displays will be the smallest and possible on the market - enabled by its new integration technology for microLED on 300 mm wafers, developed in collaboration with imec.


MICLEDI says that its technology will enable displays that are 100X brighter than commercial alternatives - which probably mean current LCD and OLED displays. Some MicroLED Microdisplay prototypes demonstrated in recent years achieved extremely high brightness for example JBD says its microdisplays achieve 2 million nits and 10,000 PPI.

MICLEDI is a fabless company, and at the first stage it will develop and produce its prototypes at IMEC's pilot production lines.

Posted: Jan 09,2020 by Ron Mertens