MICLEDI and Kura partner to develop AR glasses based on microLED microdisplays

Belgium-based microLED microdisplay developer MICLEDI announced a partnership with AR glasses developer Kura Technologies to co-develop AR glasses. The two companies have been working together for over a year with MICLEDI providing Kura early access to its displays.

Kura says that its proprietary architecture from the chip level up, and its AI-generated optics these next generation glasses will offer groundbreaking performance capabilities.


Kura says that its development kit optics were generated by its proprietary AI-powered design tool - which is 1,000 times faster than existing design tools. Kura further says that its optics greatly outperform competitors in magnitude, with up to 150-degree field-of-view, 8K resolution, 95% transparency, 30% efficiency, zero light leakage and wide range of depth.

Under the partnership, MICLEDI will continue to provide Kura access to devices built in its 200mm fab as well as provide Kura with early access to customized blue, green, and red devices as they come from their 300mm wafer foundry.

In June 2022 Kura announced a partnership with TSMC to build its initial custom micro-LED display chipset, which we now understand is based on MICLEDI's technology.

In March 2022, MICLEDI announced that it will partner with GlobalFoundries in a manufacturing collaboration to develop microdisplays. MICLEDI's solution will be combined with GlobalFoundries'€™ 22FDX platform to enable MICLEDI to mass produce microLED arrays.

Posted: Oct 07,2022 by Ron Mertens