Kura Technologies teams up with TSMC to produce its microLED display driver

AR glasses developer Kura Technologies, which is using an in-house develooped microLED display its products, announced a partnership with TSMC to build its initial custom micro-LED display chipset.

The company's custom mixed-signal display driver integrated circuits and other supporting devices, have already been successfully taped out on a standard, high-volume CMOS node at TSMC. Kura says that its DDIC is the smallest process node ever used on a micro-display driver and is also the world’s fastest micro-LED driver.


Kura's Gallium smart glasses offer 8K resolution, full-color, ultra-high brightness and a 150-degree FOV, based on its production-ready microLED displays. Kura further updates that it has received its customized micro-LED display in wafers in multiple colors, and is working with key partners and manufacturers to scale for production.


Posted: Jun 17,2022 by Ron Mertens