Visionox shows a 58-inch tiled microLED display prototype

Visionox demonstrated a new microLED display prototype, a 58-inch tiled display, made from a matrix of 16 modules (each 14.5" in size). The display offers a 10-bit color depth, 240Hz refresh rate, and an ultra-high contrast.

Visionox says that the new display uses 25 um microLED chips, and utilizes China's first dedicated microLED driver IC and a TFT backplane (likely LTPS). From the image we have, it seems as if there are much more than 16 modules, and the seams are quite visible, this seems to be an early-stage display prototype.


In December 2021, Visionox announced that it finished the construction of its MicroLED pilot line, which is the first full-process line built in China. The pilot line can produce complete displays, from driver backplane, through transfer process to full module production. The LED chips themselves are produced by a third party. In May 2022, Visionox announced that it has successfully developed 1.84" wearable microLED display samples. In May 2018 Visionox demonstrated its first Micro-LED display.

Posted: Sep 12,2023 by Ron Mertens


Andrew (not verified)

Hey Ron - Interesting article. Wondering if you have a source for additional reading? Curious if Visionox is making the panel themselves or using AUOR or someone else's panel

Wed, 09/13/2023 - 23:11 Permalink
Ron Mertens

Hello Andrew, I don't have more information I can share beyond that. As far as I know Visionox is producing its own displays, they have a pilot production line already in place.

Thu, 09/14/2023 - 06:10 Permalink