Solomon Systech launches the world's first Passive Matrix MicroLED display driver

Driver IC developer Solomon Systech launched what it says is the world's first PM-MicroLED display driver, the SSD2363. Solomon Systech targets applications such as wearables, home appliances and industrial applications.

The SSD2363 supports a range of resolutions up to 256x256, full-color, with 768 segments and 256 common output, SPI and MIPI interface and sizes up to 3-inches. The company is now sampling the new driver.


Over the past few years we have seen several demonstrations of passive matrix MicroLED prototypes - in 2020 from RiTDisplay, for example, and in 2021 from PlayNitride. PlayNitride's display was a 1.58" 256x256 PM-MicroLED, and the company stated it collaborated with Solomon Systech to develop the IC for this display, which could be the SSD2363.

Posted: Mar 29,2023 by Ron Mertens