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MICLEDI logoMICLEDI was established in Belgium in 2019 as a spin-off from IMEC, with an aim to develop and manufacture microLED microdisplays for the AR market.

MICLEDI is a fabless company. In January 2020 the company raised 4.5 million Euro, and following that round we posted an interview with the company's CEO who explains the company's technology and goals. In 2021 MICLEDI raised a further 7.1 million Euro.

MICLEDI announced several joint projects and collaborations: with GlobalFoundries, Kopin, IQE, Kura, QustomDot and others. In 2022, the company demonstrated a 630nm wavelength native red GaN with a full-width-half-max (FWHM) in the range of 50nm.

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Kopin and MICLEDI to co-develop microLED microdisplays

Kopin announced a strategic agreement with MICLEDI to design, develop and produced advanced full-color microLED displays for AR applications.

A 2k OLED microdisplay by Kopin

The project will adopt MICLEDI's CMOS microLED production process, and Kopin's backplane and driving technologies. Kopin will also contribute its deep experience in manufacturing complete display systems.

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MicroLED technologies at SID Display Week 2023 - what to expect

SID Display Week is the display industry's premier display show and this year's event, which will take place on May 21-26, should be an excellent one.

Display Week covers all aspects of the display industry and the whole spectrum of display technologies. MicroLEDs are seen by many to be the next generation display technology, and there will indeed be an increased focus on microLED technologies and displays at the upcoming Display Week.

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MICLEDI demonstrates AlInGaP "Ferrari" red microLED devices

Belgium-based microLED microdisplay developer MICLEDI demonstrated a "Ferrari" red microLEDs on aluminium indium gallium phosphide (AlInGaP) starting material. The company says that these red microLED devices are produced using a CMOS-compatible flow, free of arsenide.

MICLEDI says that it uses advanced photolithography available in 300mm wafer fabs. The company's first red microLED on GaN is solidly in the red range with wavelength centered at 620nm and good full-width half-maximum (FWHM) of <50nm. This newest announcement of red on AlInGaP achieves 653nm wavelength at extremely narrow FWHM of <9nm.

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MICLEDI announced a high-performance native-red GaN microLED device

Belgium-based microLED microdisplay developer MICLEDI has demonstrated 630nm wavelength red GaN with a full-width-half-max (FWHM) in the range of 50nm. New red microdisplay samples are projected to be available to customers before the end of the year.

MICLEDI says that its red GaN device is compatible with the company's proprietary CMOS-fab technology and it follows the identical process recipe of the company’s blue and green arrays for consistency. The new red device is tailored for 300 mm processes for high-volume mass production.

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MICLEDI and Kura partner to develop AR glasses based on microLED microdisplays

Belgium-based microLED microdisplay developer MICLEDI announced a partnership with AR glasses developer Kura Technologies to co-develop AR glasses. The two companies have been working together for over a year with MICLEDI providing Kura early access to its displays.

Kura says that its proprietary architecture from the chip level up, and its AI-generated optics these next generation glasses will offer groundbreaking performance capabilities.

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MICLEDI to develop red microLED AR displays in collaboration with IQE

Belgium-based microLED microdisplay developer MICLEDI announced a partnership with IQEa supplier of compound semiconductor wafer products and advanced material solutions to the global semiconductor industry, to develop microLEDs for AR products.

Under this agreement, IQE will provide MICLEDI with a 200mm (8-inch) platform to scale and commercialise its technology to achieve high-volume production for red microLEDs. This geometry allows for compatibility with both standard 200 mm and 300mm silicon foundries, which enables the partnership to deliver economies of scale.

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MICLEDI and QustomDot to jointly develop color microLED microdisplays with QD color conversion

QustomDot and MICLEDI announced a joint  development program to develop color microLED microdisplays using QustomDot's color conversion technology. The companies will demonstrate a microdisplay that offers a new architecture tailored for high-efficiency color conversion using stable RoHS-compliant QD materials. The displays will be produced using a high-throughput QD transfer and patterning techniques on micron-sized pixels.

QustomDot developed a patented method to produce high-quality and stable QD materials suitable for microLEDs. MICLEDI is producing its microdisplays on 300 mm wafers, and the company developed a new pixel architecture that has been optimized for high-aperture (>60% aperture at a 3μm pixel pitch) which the company says is a key requisite to achieve a high brightness with quantum dots.

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MICLEDI launches microLED microdisplay arrays with integrated micro-lenses

Belgium-based microLED microdisplay developer MICLEDI launched microLED microdisplays with integrated micro-lenses, which it says it is a first for the display industry.

MICLEDI has already produces samples and test kits of blue microLED arrays, in addition to blue and green microLED arrays, and has shipped samples to potential customers. The company says that red microLED arrays will arrive in Q4 2022. The microLED arrays were produced in the company’s proprietary 300 mm manufacturing flow.

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MICLEDI partners with GlobalFoundries for the production of microLED microdisplays

Belgium-based microLED microdisplay developer MICLEDI announced that it will partner with GlobalFoundries in a manufacturing collaboration to develop microdisplays.

MicroLED dies and array on 300mm wafer (MICLEDI)

MICLEDI's solution will be combined with GlobalFoundries’ 22FDX platform to enable MICLEDI to mass produce microLED arrays. MICLEDI says that the companion integrated circuits will provide the image processing, driver, and control functions necessary to complete the display modules using wafer-to-wafer hybrid bonding.


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MICLEDI demonstrated microLED arrays on 300 mm wafers

Belgium-based microLED microdisplay developer MICLEDI announced that it has demonstrated the industry’s first microLED arrays-for-AR built on a 300mm CMOS manufacturing platform.

MicroLED dies and array on 300mm wafer (MICLEDI)

MICLEDI says that its 300mm production platform offers "unparalleled manufacturing precision, performance and cost-efficiency". The company will demonstrate its prototype units at CES 2022 next month.

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