MicroLED technologies at SID Display Week 2023 - what to expect

SID Display Week is the display industry's premier display show and this year's event, which will take place on May 21-26, should be an excellent one.

Display Week covers all aspects of the display industry and the whole spectrum of display technologies. MicroLEDs are seen by many to be the next generation display technology, and there will indeed be an increased focus on microLED technologies and displays at the upcoming Display Week.


The extensive symposium will include many lectures focused on microLED technologies. Some prominent lectures include LG Display's 12-inch stretchable display, JBD's 0.13" VGA microdisplays, Porotech's tunable LED emitter technology, MICLEDI's latest 300 mm microdisplay production technology and BOE's novel microLED driver circuit and device structure. This is really just a taste - Display Week's symposium offers dozens of additional microLED related talks

The symposium includes several microLED sessions, including two microLED for AR/VR sessions, a session on microLED manufacturing, a session on microLED color conversion and a session on microLED device efficiency. During the symposium's poster session, students will showcase various microLED research papers.

SID will also be organizing a business-oriented conference during Display Week, in collaboration with DSCC. This interesting event will include several microLED focused lectures, including ones from display analysts, equipment makers, startups and established companies. Our very own Ron Mertens will give a talk on microLED yields and the microLED cost structure.

Many professionals see the large exhibition as the main reason to come to Display Week, as that's where you can expect to see the latest display technologies and network with the entire industry. The exhibition includes the interesting I-Zone where early stage companies are given a free booth (or actually a table) to demonstrate their new prototypes, and several microLED technologies will be on display.

But that is not all -  Display Week includes several short courses, including one focused on MicroLEDs (by Nikhil Balram, CEO at Mojo Vision) and also seminars, which will also feature microLEDs - mainly the seminar by Prof. Lars Samuelson on nanoscale material technologies for microLEDs.

In 2023, Display Week will include the new Young Leadership Conference (YLC) which is microLED focused for it's inaugural year. It will be hosted on Monday afternoon, and will include five lectures by student presenters, chosen for the Display Week symposium, to present their findings with regard to solving key microLED-related challenges in a special, pre-symposium format designed to provide exposure for young scientists.

Finally, the MicroLED Industry Association will hold its first annual meeting during Display Week, where member companies will get together to discuss this year's activities (which was the first year since its establishment) and future plans - and also to provide a great networking opportunity. All association members are welcome to take part!

Posted: Apr 25,2023 by Ron Mertens