JBD starts shipping full-color RGB microLED microdisplay samples

China-based MicroLED microdisplay developer Jade Bird Display have started shipping engineering samples of single-panel RGB microLED microdisplays. The company brands these new microdisplays as the Phoenix series, while its monochrome panels are now branded as Hummingbird. The Phoenix series is designed to be used with 50+ degree FOV waveguides.

JBD's first Phoenix samples are 0.22" panels, with a 2K resolution (2.5 um pixel pitch). The three LEDs (RGB) are all AlInGaN emitters, and are vertically stacked. JBD says that its plans for a standard product include a 0.3-inch panel with 4K resolution (2 um sub-pixel pitch. The company expects to begin full mass production in 2025.


JBD raised its A4 strategic financing round a couple of months ago, and together with the A3 round which closed last year, the company raised "hundreds of millions of Yuan" (which could mean anything from $30 million USD to $130 million). JBD's investors include Alibaba, Samsung, BYD and Geely. BYD is said to be working with JBD to develop MicroLED automotive applications.

JBD recently announced that its $92 million production line in Hefei is starting production. The production line's total capacity is 120 million 0.13" panels, but it hasn't yet reached its full capacity. According to the new reports, the company employs over 500 people, mostly technicians and R&D engineers.

Other announcements from JBD include its red microLED emitter, that offers up to 750,000 nits of brightness at 2 micron sizes, and also that the company is developing native full-color microLED microdisplays. Now we see these two announcements 

Red microLED array, JBD
Posted: Aug 29,2023 by Ron Mertens