Tianma shows three transparent microLED display prototypes at Display Week 2023

During Display Week 2023, Tianma demonstrated its latest microLED display prototypes - all of which are transparent displays, stating that the main application for such displays is in the automotive sector.

The first display is a 8.75" panel, offering a resolution of 880x480 (114 PPI), a brightness of 800 nits and high transparency of over 70%. The display is an active-matrix microLED produced on an LTPS backplane.


The second display offers a similar panel in terms of resolution and brightness, but the display offers low reflection (under 4%, compared to over 10% in the first panel) and a reduced transparency (65%).

The third display is a larger panel - 9.38", with a resolution of 960x480 (same 114 PPI) and an LTPS backplane. This is a brighter panel (1500 nits) and one that offers an adjustable transparency - from 0.1% to 24%. This is likely using a second LCD panel to block light, in addition to the main microLED panel.

Posted: May 31,2023 by Ron Mertens