Porotech announces the world's first red GaN microLED epiwafer

Cambridge University spin-out Porotech has launched a native red GaN LED epiwafer for microLED applications. The company says this is the industry's first commercial red GaN epiwafer.

Porotech's native red GaN microLED performance chart

Current red LEDs are mostly produced from aluminum indium gallium phosphide (AlInGaP) materials. These materials show a drastic efficiency drop as the LED side decreases (due to their large carrier diffusion lengths and high surface recombination velocity) and in addition a hybrid AlInGaP and GaN RGB device is more difficult to drive. This is why it is beneficial to produce red LEDs from GaN materials.

Porotech's native red InGaN micro-LEDs have a wavelength of 640 nm at 10 A/cm2, and improved performance over conventional AlInGaP and color-converted red at very small pixels and pitches.

Posted: Nov 25,2020 by Ron Mertens