Enkris launches GaN-on-Si microLED epiwafers on 300 mm wafers

China-based GaN epiwafer producer Enkris Semiconductor launched new microLED epiwafers. The "Full Color GaN" series offers GaN-on-Si microLED epiwafers, with wafers sizes of up to 300 mm.

Enkris full-color GaN microLEDs series

Enkris' new epiwafers offers blue, red and green LED arrays, all based on the same material platform. Enkris Semiconductor uses its patented strain engineering and polarization engineering, which it says is unique, to expand its GaN-on-Si LED epiwafer product portfolio to all colors (with wavelengths of 390-650nm).


Enkris says that its new RGB series has excellent wavelength uniformity across the whole 200mm wafer, and its blue LED wafers, available up to 300mm in diameter, offer "reasonably good" wavelength uniformity, with a standard deviation of less than 2nm.

Based on its epiwafers, Enkris has demonstrated RGB micro-LED arrays with a pixel size ranging from 2 μm to 50 μm, based on 200mm epiwafers. Enkris also offers its Full Color GaN series products on sapphire wafers.

Posted: Apr 11,2022 by Ron Mertens