STAr Technologies

STAr Technologies logoSTAr Technologies, established in 2000 and headquartered in Taiwan, develops test equipment for the semiconductor industry.

In March 2021 STAr Technologies introduced an advanced integrated test system for Micro-LED displays.

Kulicke & Soffa

Kulicke & Soffa logoEstablished in 1951 in Singapore, Kulicke & Soffa provides semiconductor packaging and electronic assembly solutions. The company targets the automotive, communications, consumer, data processing, industrial and FPD markets.

ASM Pacific Technology

ASM Pacific Technology (ASMPT), established in 1975 and based in Hong Kong, offers assembly equipment, packaging equipment, surface mount technology equipment, and other equipment types for semiconductor and optoelectronics processes.

Toray Engineering

Toray Engineering logoJapan-based Toray Engineering supplies manufacturing and testing equipment for the semiconductor and display industries.

For the MicroLED industry, Toray Engineering offers its inspection equipment, the INSPECTRA series. The equipment can be used for testing, quality control and repair of MicroLED devices.


Germany-based Innocise offers innovative adhesive systems for a wide range of industries.

Innocise offers a line of microhandling systems that can grip objects smaller than 20 microns, and these systems are suitable for microLED transfer.


Finetech is a manufacturer of innovative, high-accuracy equipment for advanced bonding, micro assembly and rework challenges.

For the microLED industry, Finetech offers equipment for microLED array bonding technology.

BE Semiconductor Industries - Besi

BE Semiconductor Industries (Besi) develops assembly processes and equipment for leadframe, substrate and wafer level packaging applications in a wide range of end-user markets.

For the MicroLED market, Besi offers transfer and assembly equipment.

LC Square

Korea-based LC SQUARE develops microLED display production technologies.

The company's core technologies assist in LED transfer processes, including bonding and interposer components.