MicroLED equipment makers

LuxNour Technologies

LuxNour logoUS-based LuxNour Technologies is a developer of precision equipment technology capable of transferring a massive number of microLEDs in a high volume production environment.

LuxNour patented a Pattern-Sensitive Head (PSH) transfer stamp that utilizes electromagnetic force to transfer microLEDs. The company also offers a unique microLED release and singulation process, from their native substrate, based on wet etch process.



KLA logoUS-based KLA Corporation produces production equipment for the semiconductors industry and other related industries. The company specializes in process control and yield management systems.

For the microLED industry, KLA offers inspection, testing and repair solutions for the complete microLED production process, from substrate and epiwafer deposition to mass transfer, driver ICs and final display validation.



Favite Technology logoFavite Technology, established in 2000 in Taiwan, develops and markets machine vision systems and testing software for the semiconductor and display industries. Favite offers AOI equipment for the production of microLED chips and displays.

Favite is a public company that is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

ASMPT SEMI Solutions

ASMPT logoGlobally headquartered in Singapore, ASMPT is a leading global supplier of hardware and software solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors and electronics. ASMPT’s solutions range from wafer deposition and laser grooving to the others that shape, assemble and package delicate electronic and optical components into a wide range of end-user devices, which include electronics, mobile communications, computing, automotive, industrial and LED (displays).

ASMPT provides mass transfer & mass bonding equipment for MicroLED production and works close with Tier-1 microLED display makers.

ClassOne Technology

ClassOne logoUS-based ClassOne Technology develops and sells high-performance electroplating and wet processing systems for the manufacture of advanced microelectronics, for both R&D and high-volume fab environments.

For the microLED industry, ClassOne offers its Solstice single wafer electroplating and wet process platform, which the company says is installed at several microLED developers. The company also offers its reactor technology for the industry.

Nano X

NanoEX logoKorea-based Nano X was established in 2017. The company develops and markets semiconductor equipment, for two main markets: fuel cells and LED-based displays.

Nano X offers an EL test system for MiniLED and microLED displays, based on its iEPt ( integrated Elastic Probe) technology. The equipment is used for testing of TV displays.

Shashin Kagaku

Shashin Kagaku logoShashin Kagaku, based in Japan, is a producer of equipment for printed electronics, additive printing and test equipment. The company also holds a media company for PR and sales support (Shashin Kagaku Media).

Shashin Kagaku develops equipment for the mass transfer of mini and micro LEDs. The company's MicroLED equipment is distributed globally by Nagase.

Bolite Optoelectronics

Bolite Optoelectronics logoTaiwan-based Bolite Optoelectronics provides highly customizable laser solutions. Bolite is a system integrator of solid-state, fiber, or diode laser technologies, including dual- and multi-wavelength lasers.

Bolite manufactures laser micromachining equipment that can process a wide range of materials with feature size as fine as 1 μm. For the mini-LED and micro-LED markets, the company offers laser lift-off, laser trimming and repair, photoluminescence inspection, laser bonding, laser annealing, and micro laser marking.

STAr Technologies

STAr Technologies logoSTAr Technologies, established in 2000 and headquartered in Taiwan, develops test equipment for the semiconductor industry.

In March 2021 STAr Technologies introduced an advanced integrated test system for Micro-LED displays.