Plessey logoUK-based Plessey is a design and manufacturing company focused on GaN-on-Silicon LEDs for various applications, including displays, sensors and lighting.

Plessey developed unique monolithic micro-LED process technology that can be used to produce Micro-LED displays without a pick-and-place stage. The company offers its technology for licensing and also intends to bring its own monolithic Quanta-Brite microLED based display to market by H1 2018.

Plessey develops two generations of micro-LED displays. The first-gen Quanta-Brite are either LCoS or DMR display that are lit by an array of micro-LEDs, which Plessey says provide a more efficient and uniform display compared to current larger-LED lit displays. The second-generation Quanta-Ray is a real direct-emission micro-LED based micro-display.

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Tamerton Road
United Kingdom