Plessey logoUK-based Plessey is a design and manufacturing company focused on GaN-on-Silicon LEDs for various applications, including displays, sensors and lighting.

Plessey developed unique monolithic micro-LED process technology that can be used to produce Micro-LED displays without a pick-and-place stage. The company offers its technology for licensing and also intends to bring its own monolithic Quanta-Brite microLED based display to market by H1 2018.

Plessey develops two generations of micro-LED displays. The first-gen Quanta-Brite are either LCoS or DMR display that are lit by an array of micro-LEDs, which Plessey says provide a more efficient and uniform display compared to current larger-LED lit displays. The second-generation Quanta-Ray is a real direct-emission micro-LED based micro-display.

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The latest Plessey news:

Plessey's Quanta-Brite and Quanta-Ray micro-LED microdisplay technologies explained

Yesterday we reported that Plessey partnered with AR supplier Vuzix to bring Micro-LED display engine, Quanta-Brite, for next generation AR Smart Glasses - which Vuzix expects to introduce in 2019.

An interesting article at LED Inside explains Plessey Semiconductor's technology. The Quanta-Brite display engine is not a 'true' Micro-LED display - it is an LCoS or DMD (digital mirror) display engine that is lit by a micro-LED array and special optics. Usual LCoS and DMD displays are lit by larger LEDs, and Plessey claims that its micro-LED solution will provide a more efficient and more uniform display.

Vuzix and Plessey to co-develop MicroLED based AR glasses, aiming to commercialize a first device by 2019

UK-based GaN-on-Si MicroLED developer Plessey Semiconductor announced that it has partnered with AR supplier Vuzix to develop advanced Micro-LED display engines for Vuzix waveguide optics to enable next generation AR Smart Glasses. Vuzix expects to introduce the Micro-LED microdisplay based AR glasses in 2019.

Plessey MicroLED HUD prototype (CES 2018)

Vuzix says that Plessey's Quanta-Brite light engine is highly efficient and bright, and will enable smaller and more efficient AR devices. The Quanta-Brite engine is based on Plessey's advanced and proprietary gallium-nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) technology, with an integrated monolithic array of RGB pixels with advanced micro-optical elements.

Plessey and Artemis to co-develop MicroLED based HUD displays

UK-based optical thin-film developer Artemis announced a partnership with Plessey Semiconductor to co-develop HUD displays that use Plessey's GaN-on-Si MicroLEDs and Artemis' thin-film coatings for HUDs.

Plessey MicroLED HUD prototype (CES 2018)

Plessey recently announced its new licensing platform and also its intentions to bring a monolithic MicroLED display to the market in H1 2018. Plessey demonstrated an HUD prototype powered by its MicroLED display.

Plessey aims to bring a monolithic GaN-on-Silicon MicroLED display to the market by H1 2018

Plessey logoUK-based Plessey Semiconductor announced that it aims to be the first to market with a monolithic microLED based display based on GaN-on-Silicon in H1 2018. The company also announced a new licensing program that will enable third parties to license its GaN-on-Silicon microLED IP and expertise.

Plessey says that GaN-on-Silicon is the only technology that can address all the production challenges for MicroLED displays in high volumes. The company's main business will be its licensing platform, but it aims to bring to market its own displays to demonstrates its expertise.