Plessey developed a process to deposit native green and blue microLEDs on the same wafer

UK-based GaN-On-Si MicroLED microdisplay developer Plessey Semiconductor announced that it managed to deposit native blue and green microLEDs on the same wafer. Plessey’s new patented process forms microLEDs that exhibit high current density operation and long operational lifetime.

Plessey native green and blue microLEDs wafer photo

Plessey said that to achieve this important milestone they had to overcome several challenges - including a magnesium memory effect, diffusion from the p-type cladding of the lower junction into the upper junction and the requirement for the precise tuning of the thermal budget during the growth of the second junction to prevent indium phase separation in the blue active region.

Plessey recently announced a new microLED segmented microdisplay platform, which it calls Direct-Drive and also the development of a 2.5-micron pitch MicroLED microdisplay. The company restated its intent to produce a full RGB microLED display by 2020.

Posted: Oct 06,2019 by Ron Mertens