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VueReal logoCanada-based VueReal is a startup company that develops Micro-LED display technologies. VueReal developed a cartridge-based microLED printing process that can produce high density displays at high production yields.

In 2017 VueReal demonstrated a 4K micro-LED microdisplay that achieves the world's highest density for an emissive display at 6,000 PPI, and in 2019 the company said it developed a 30,000 PPI MicroLED microdisplay.

In 2018 VueReal raised $10.5 million in its series-A funding round to construct an advanced nano technology fabrication center in Waterloo, Canada. We posted an interview with the company's CEO and Founder in early 2020.

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180 Northfield Drive West Unit 4
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The latest Vuereal MicroLED news:

VueReal reports a major breakthrough in its microLED production technology

MicroLED developer VueReal says that it achieved a breakthrough in its MicroSolid Printing Platform, enabling it to go below 7um LED pitch (on the wafer) for full color microLED deposition. The company reports that its newest (and smallest) microLEDs show minimal impact on EQE, and this enables high-efficiency display production.

VueReal says that its new technology could soon compete on price with OLED displays while offering higher performance, and could be viable for many display segments - from wearables through smartphones to automotive and more. According to its current tests, its microLED displays will offer a brightness of 3,000 nits (and higher), while consuming around half the power compared to the latest AMOLED displays. In addition, its printing process is highly scalable and should not have a problem handling the demands of even the smartphone industry with hundreds of millions of displays per year.

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VueReal was awarded with $7.7 million in government funds to scale up its microLED production line

MicroLED developer VueReal announced that it was awarded CAD$10.5 million (USD$7.7 million) in government support to scale up its micropixel fabrication and printing solutions. Vuereal will receive the funds from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and InvestOntario.

VueReal says that this funding will be part of a CAD$40 million production line facility project, that will employ 75 full permanent jobs in Waterloo, Canada.

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The MicroLED Industry Association begins operations, welcomes new members

The MicroLED Industry Association (MIA) successfully concluded its kickoff meeting on August 2nd. The work plan for the coming quarter was announced, and the association members were updated on work processes, collaboration activities and plans for the future.


The MIA is happy to announce that there are already over 15 members in the microLED association. In addition to its pre-launch founding members, the MIA welcomes the new members that joined since the official announcement on July 13. These companies include 3D Micromac, ASM Pacific Technology group, ClassOne Technology, Radiant Vision Systems and the Ennostar group (Epistar, Lextar, Yenrich and Unikorn).

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Launching the MicroLED Industry Association to promote the microLED industry

Today we are happy and proud to announce a new MicroLED Industry Association, created to help accelerate the adoption of microLED display technologies.

The new association will bring together companies, academia and organizations active in the MicroLED industry and provide an ideal forum for solving common technology issues, fostering cooperation and sharing relevant information, resources and tools. The association will also work to promote its member companies, their technologies and products.

You can read more about the MicroLED Industry Association, including the complete list of member benefits, here:

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VueReal raises $14.4 million in its Series B funding round

MicroLED developer VueReal announced that it has raised $14.4 million in its latest (series B) funding round, led by Cycle Capital VC and joined by TDK, Vitro, Economic Development Canada and BDC Capital. VueReal says it will use the funds to enhance its production facility, expand the team, and gain new customers.

VueReal says that the new financing round will also enable it to offer a broader range of custom display products, for AR, smartwatches, smartphones, automotive, signage and transparent displays. Last year VueReal demonstrated high-brightness and high-transmittance transparent microLED displays which it is now offering to customers.

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Vuereal starts supplying custom transparent MicroLED displays to customers

VueReal announced that it has received volume orders for its transparent displays from automotive and aerospace customers. The company is producing custom displays at its pilot production line in Canada.

Back in June VueReal demonstrated its first transparent microLED display. The display is between 3 and 4 inches in size, with high brightness (over 3,000 nits) and very high transparency (85%). Vuereal says that its microLED cartridge- and printing- based production process enables the production of custom displays with high yield and high throughput.

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Vuereal demonstrates a transparent microLED display, to start pilot production soon

Canada-based microLED technology developer VueReal demonstrated a new transparent microLED display. The display is between 3 and 4 inches in size, with high brightness (over 3,000 nits) and very high transparency (85%).

The display in the video is produced on glass, but VueReal can also produce displays on flexible substrates. The company did not disclose the display's resolution (or whether this is a segmented display).

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Vuereal announces a partnership with ASMPT to integrate the company's transfer and bonding solutions

Canada-based microLED technology developer VueReal announced a partnership with ASM Pacific Technologies (ASMPT) to integrate VueReal's cartridge microLED mass transfer solution into ASMPT's mass transfer bonding solution for microLED display applications.

Vuereal says that this new partnership will allow its customers to achieve 99.99+% transfer yields on LED's smaller than 10 micrometers.

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VueReal demonstrates high yields and low cost LED flipchip process

VueReal announced that its patented flipchip structure demonstrated higher yields and lower costs compared to standard vertical LED process.

Vuereal flipchip microLED devices image

The company says that flipchip processes are favored by display makers, due to the easy integration they offer. Most processes, however suffer from low yields and a complex process. VueReal's process has achieved yields higher than 99.9%, and with a more automated fabrication line can even achieve higher yields.

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We talk MicroLED displays with VueReal's CEO

Canada-based VueReal is a startup company that develop Micro-LED based microdisplays. The company's Continuous Pixelation micro-printing technology offers high density displays, high production yields and a simple design.

VueReal micro-led microdisplay prototype photo

VueReal's founder and CEO, Reza Chaji, was kind enough to answer a few questions we had on the company's technology and business.

Reza, thank you for your time. Can you explain VueReal's micro-printing process and technology?

VueReal’s solution is a true printing process where you do not need to pick LEDs for each transfer. It is based on a cartridge design by VueReal that releases the LEDs selectively into the substrate.


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