Vuereal shows its latest microLED microdisplays at CES 2024

MicroLED display developer VueReal demonstrated its latest microLED display prototypes at CES 2024.

In the video, you can see VueReal's 2um microLED microdisplays. These are monochrome displays, but VueReal says it will showcase its first full-color microdisplays in Displayweek 2024. VueReal's CEO Reza Chazi explains the company's approach and solutions.


In December 2023, VueReal announced that it has developed and started shipping high-resolution and high-transparency microLED displays to its customers. Using the company's own MicroSolid Printing Platform, Vuereal integrates microLEDs into an active-matrix microLED display to enable high-efficiency and high quality displays with tunable transparency (from 80% to zero). VueReal offers a turnkey platform that enables its partners and customers to develop a custom display and fabricate at at VueReal's own pilot production line. VueReal says that it is now accepting new orders for high-resolution and high-transparency displays.

In April 2023, VueReal announced a breakthrough in its MicroSolid Printing Platform, enabling it to go below 7um LED pitch (on the wafer) for full color microLED deposition. The company reports that its newest (and smallest) microLEDs show minimal impact on EQE, and this enables high-efficiency display production. Earlier in 2023, the company was awarded with $7.7 million to scale up its production line.

In 2022, VueReal raised $14.4 million in its Series B funding round. The company started shipping transparent automotive simple MicroLED displays back in 2021.

Posted: Jan 15,2024 by Ron Mertens