VueReal introduces its first microLEDs based on blue LEDs and QD color conversion

MicroLED display developer VueReal announced a new microLED architecture, based on blue LEDs and QD color conversion, which it brands as QuantumVue. VueReal says it developed its own patented dynamic quantum dot (QD) patterning technology which complements its unique proprietary MicroSolid Printing microLED transfer technology.

VueReal says that its QuantumVue displays offer high sustainability and affordability without compromising image quality. The technology is especially suitable for TV panels as it can offer superior performance at a competitive cost compared to a native RGB microLED display architecture.


As the QDs are dynamically patterned, this technology can repair defects in microLEDs using selective QD deposition, which reduces the need for an actual repair processes. The idea is that the display is based on four subpixels per pixel, with a redundancy to take advantage of the dynamic QD patterning. We have seen this design used by other microLED developers. 

In 2023, VueReal announced that it has developed and started shipping high-resolution and high-transparency microLED displays to its customers. In April 2023, VueReal announced a breakthrough in its MicroSolid Printing Platform, enabling it to go below 7um LED pitch (on the wafer) for full color microLED deposition. Earlier in 2023, the company was awarded with $7.7 million to scale up its production line. In February 2024, we posted a spotlight article on VueReal. During SID Displayweek, VueReal also unveiled a hybrid microLED-LCOS microdisplay technology.

Posted: May 20,2024 by Ron Mertens