TCL CSOT shows its latest MicroLED prototypes at Displayweek 2024

At Displayweek 2024, TCL CSoT demonstrated its impressive 163-inch 4K (0.9375 mm pitch) tiled MicroLED display on show, that offered very high brightness (10,000 nits).

TCL says that the display has a 'nanosecond' response time, and its lifetime rating is over 100,000 hours. This is TCL's X11H Max commercial MicroLED TV, priced at $110,000.


TCL also showed a 5.9" 120Hz 450x600 (127 PPI) 4,000 nits LTPS microLED automotive display prototype, a "B-Pillar" display.

Finally, TCL demonstrated a square 5.6" 120Hz 2000 nits 500x500 (127 PPI) 'floating display'

Posted: May 27,2024 by Ron Mertens