Tianma shows its latest MicroLEDs prototypes at Displayweek 2024

Tianma shows several MicroLEDs prototypes at Displayweek 2024, including automotive displays, transparent displays, and wearable ones.

The first display was an automotive, a transparent 8.07-inch octagon-shaped display aimed towards digital side mirror applications (to be placed inside the vehicle). The display offers a transparency of 55%, a resolution of 608x1204 (167 PPI) and a brightness of 1,500 nits.


Tianma also showed its wearable microLED display, a 1.63" 480x464, 300 nits display. Tianma says this is the world's highest density LTPS microLED, sharing this claim with Innolux. In fact Innolux showed a display with the exact same specifications - likely the two companies developed this display together.

Tianma also showed a 7.6" microLED display based HUD. The 167 PPI display (1204x398) has high brightness at 5000 nits.

Posted: May 29,2024 by Ron Mertens