Innolux shows new microLED display prototypes at Displayweek 2024

Innolux showed several new microLED display prototypes at Displayweek 2024, as it focuses on microLEDs as its next-generation display solution.

First, the company showcased a large 106" tiled microLED TV display, build from 96 12.3" modules. The display uses 20x40 um blue microLED chips (with QD color conversion) and an LTPS backplane.


Innolux also showed a wearable 1.63" 480x464 MicroLED display, on an LTPS backplane. The company says this is the highest density LTPS microLED display ever developed, at 403 PPI. The brightness is 300 nits. Tianma showed a display with the same exact specifications, likely the two companies developed the display together.

Finally, Innolux also demonstrated a 9.6" rigid 1920x0180 (229 PPI) LTPS tablet-type display, that achieves a brightness of 500 nits. The LEDs are 40 um in size. The company also showed the same display produced on a flexible substrate, targeting automotive applications.

Posted: May 28,2024 by Ron Mertens