Flexible MicroLED

Innolux shows new microLED display prototypes at Displayweek 2024

Innolux showed several new microLED display prototypes at Displayweek 2024, as it focuses on microLEDs as its next-generation display solution.

First, the company showcased a large 106" tiled microLED TV display, build from 96 12.3" modules. The display uses 20x40 um blue microLED chips (with QD color conversion) and an LTPS backplane.

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AUO shows its latest microLED displays at Displayweek 2024

AUO had an impressive booth at Displayweek, showing some of its latest microLED prototypes. It is clear that the company is highly focused on microLED technology as its next-gen display strategy.

First up, with a 31" large area single-panel microLED, which AUO says is the world's largest. The display is produced on a single glass LTPS backplane, and offers 120Hz and a brightness of 500 nits. AUO calls this a Large Size A.R.T. MicroLED display.

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BOE shows a new microLED display prototype at SID Displayweek 2024

BOE had a large demonstrating at SID Displayweek 2024, showing several of its latest displays and prototypes - including many flexible and foldable OLED displays, automotive AMOLEDs, new OLED technology demonstrators and two OLED microdisplays.

BOE also showed a microLED display demonstrator, which it called the MicroLED Transformer Display, that included two panels that can connect in an almost seamless way (but not completely). The displays are flexible (curved) with a 0.3 mm pitch display (P0.3). Other specifications include a brightness of up to 2,000 nits (peak), and a refresh rate of 90Hz. 

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Stanford researchers funded by Samsung develop new stretchable skin-like electronics suitable for microLED driving

Researchers from Stanford, led by prof. Zhenan Bao, developed skin-like stretchable electronic devices, using ag new design and fabrication process. The researchers say that the newly developed methods enable devices that are five time smaller and one thousand faster than their previous devices.

The new stretchable devices are powerful and fast enough to drive microLEDs, and indeed the researchers demonstrated driving 60Hz microLED arrays. The devices can also be used to drive sensors. 

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Researchers succesfully grow GaN microLED arrays on a flexible graphene substrate

Researchers from Korea's Seoul National University and Sungkyunkwan University developed a method to grow GaN LED arrays on a flexible graphene layer. The so-called microdisks arrays exhibit excellent crystallinity with a uniform in-plane orientation and strong blue light emission. 

The researchers grew the GaN microdisks on a graphene layer (grown on a sapphire substrate) covered with a micro-patterned SiO2 mask using metal–organic vapor-phase epitaxy. The microdisks were then processed into micro-LEDs and then successfully transferred onto bendable substrates. 

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LG Display demonstrates its stretchable 12" microLED touch display prototype

I 2022 LG Display demonstrated a 12" 100 PPI (pixel pitch 40 um) full-color stretchable MicroLED display. During Display Week 2023, the company demonstrated this display again, in a demo that showed a working touch version of this display covering an automotive-style button, which was quite impressive.

The display can stretch up to 20% (to create a 14" display), and LG says that this display can be commercialized soon, as it is highly flexible, durable, and reliable. The new display is produced on a "highly resilient film-type substrate made of special silicon used in contact lenses".

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AUO shows its latest microLED displays at Display Week 2023

AUO has demonstrated its latest microLED displays at Display Week 2023. Most of these displays have been shown before, but this was an impressive lineup for the Taiwanese display maker, and we'll detail the displays below.

So first up we have the 13.5" 1920x1080 (163 PPI) transparent microLEDs, which AUO says is the highest-resolution transparent microLED display ever demonstrated. The display offers a transparency of 55% and a high brightness of 5,000 nits. The microLEDs used in this display are 30 micron in size.

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AUO launches commercial wearable microLED displays, to show new microLED prototypes and technologies

AU Optronics released some very interesting information as the company gets ready to showcase its latest microLED displays and technologies at Touch Taiwan 2023.

AUO 1.39-inch 338 PPI MicroLED display, (Touch Taiwan 2021)

So first of all, AUO announced that it has finalized the development of its wearable microLED display, and the company is now launching the 1.39" round smartwatch display commercially. AUO demonstrated the wearable microLED display back in 2021 - a 1.39-inch 472x472 full-circle panel, that was developed together with PlayNitride. It's not clear when AUO actually plans to start selling this display to its customers, and what will be its production capacity.

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