AUO launches commercial wearable microLED displays, to show new microLED prototypes and technologies

AU Optronics released some very interesting information as the company gets ready to showcase its latest microLED displays and technologies at Touch Taiwan 2023.

AUO 1.39-inch 338 PPI MicroLED display, (Touch Taiwan 2021)

So first of all, AUO announced that it has finalized the development of its wearable microLED display, and the company is now launching the 1.39" round smartwatch display commercially. AUO demonstrated the wearable microLED display back in 2021 - a 1.39-inch 472x472 full-circle panel, that was developed together with PlayNitride. It's not clear when AUO actually plans to start selling this display to its customers, and what will be its production capacity.


At Touch Taiwan, AUO will also show its 17.3" 2000-nits 1280x720 transparent (60% transparency) microLED display (which it showed several times in the past), but this time it integrated the display with a 12.3" LCD to create an automotive in-vehicle naked-eye 3D experience. 

In December 2022, AUO together with ITRI developed a new 17.3" transparent microLED display, and deployed a few of these displays in a ferry operated by the Taiwan Kaohsiung Shipping Company. Now AUO says that it has developed a larger 60" microLED transparent display, targeting vehicle window applications in such as transportation, residential interiors and commercial displays. In addition AUO will also show its 17.3" transparent displays combined with electrically switchable transparency function, to develop high-transparency laptop displays.

Moving over to flexible displays, AUO will show what it says is the world's first 14.6" foldable microLED display, with a bending radius of only 4 mm. 

Finally, AUO will show a large 108-inch microLED premium TV with a modular and bezel-less design. We believe this is the first time that AUO shows a large-area tiled TV display.

You can see some of these displays at the video below, from 2022, and we hope that we will soon share more details, photos and videos of AUO's newest microLEDs:

Posted: Apr 13,2023 by Ron Mertens