AU Optronics shows its microLED display prototypes at SID Displayweek 2021

AUO Optronics is showing its latest microLED ALED display prototypes at SID DisplayWeek 2021. Most of these aren't new display (AUO already demonstrated these last month) but it's the first time we got these on video:

You can see the 1.39" 472x472 (338 PPI) full-circle microLED display, developed together with PlayNitride. You can also see AUO's 12.1-inch 169PPI microLED display it first demonstrated in SID 2020, and the 9.4-inch 228 PPI flexible microLED prototype it also developed together with PlayNitride.

For the first time, AUO is also showing a 10.6" transparent MicroLED display, that features high brightness (3,000 nits) and high transmittance (61%).

AUO is showing these displays for the automotive, medical and wearable markets.

Posted: May 17,2021 by Ron Mertens