TCL CSoT shows new flexible, wearable microLED display prototypes

TCL's CSoT showed its latest display prototypes at the company's DTC 2021 event. CSoT unveiled two new microLED display prototypes, that it never displayed before.

The first display is a small 1.37" 320x360 (353 PPI) wearable LTPS microLED display, that achieves a brightness of >2,000 nits. The display also uses TDDI touch technology (in which a single chip shares the display driver and the touch sensor).




The second display is a 7.1" flexible microLED display prototype you see below. We do not have more information on these displays, including how close are these to actual production, but these displays seem to be very impressive.

TCL CSoT 7.1'' flexible microLED display prototype (2021-11)

Last year at DTC 2020, TCL showed a 4-inch 320x180 IGZO microLED prototype, and earlier that year the company announced a joint-venture with Sanan-IC to develop micro LED materials and production processes and equipment. The two companies will invest a total of $43 million USD in the new venture. IN 2019 CSoT demonstrated a 3.3" transparent microLED display, developed in collaboration with PlayNitride.

Last year China-based Konka unveiled a wearable display, and even a smartwatch that uses it, but still hasn't actually released the product. Taiwan's AUO also unveiled a 1.38" wearable microLED display in 2021.

TCL CSoT 1.37'' microLED TDDI display prototype (2021-11)

TCL is also working on large-area TV-sized microLED displays. At DTC 2021 it showed some displays, but it is not clear whether these are actually direct-view microLED or mini-LED LCDs.

Posted: Nov 22,2021 by Ron Mertens