Samsung announces new microLED CX TVs for 2023, ranging from 50-inch to 140-inch in size

Samsung announced its 2023 microLED TV lineup, with a wide range of sizes - from 50-inch to 140-inch. The TVs will still be highly expensive, but Samsung is expected to reduce its prices, and in addition it will be possible (finally) to self-install the TVs.

The MicroLED CX range of TVs will include sizes of 50-, 63- 77-, 89-, 101-, 104- and 140-inch. Not all the TVs will ship at once and in all regions. It is expected that the main TV will the the 77-inch one. But at the expected high prices, these will be sold at very low volumes, most likely.

Samsung did not detail the release price, or any price indication, and it did not release much of the specifications - except that the CX TVs will offer a 240Hz variable refresh rate, 2-nanosecond response time and 20-bit black detail. The main advantage of these TVs over current OLED TVs is supposed to be the brightness - it will be interesting to learn of the peak brightness of the CV TVs, as LG's latest OLEDs achieve over 2,000 nits in brightness, and so do Samsung's own and latest QD-OLED panels.

Posted: Jan 04,2023 by Ron Mertens