AUO demonstrates a 8" 169 PPI Micro-LED display prototype

AUO demonstrated a micro-LED display, which it says is the world's highest resolution full-color TFT micro-LED.

AUO 8'' Micro-LED prototype (SID 2018)

The 8" panel features a resolution of 1280x480 (169 PPI). The micro-LEDs use blue LED chips with color conversion, on an LTPS backplane. AUO did not disclose any roadmap to commercialize this technology.

AUO 8'' Micro-LED specification (SID 2018)

In addition to the Micro-LED display, AUO also demonstrated several high-end mini-LED backlit LCD displays, including a 27" 4K 144Hz gaming monitor and a 1,000 PPI 2" LTPS VR display.

Posted: Jun 03,2018 by Ron Mertens