JBD will start selling its 0.13" VGA monochrome microLED microdisplays next month

In May 2020, China-based MicroLED microdisplay developer Jade Bird Display announced a new 0.13" VGA microdisplay - which it says is the world's smallest microdisplay. JBD today announced that next month it will stat selling these displays.

Jade Bird Display 0.13'' VGA MicroLED Microdisplay photo

The JBD4UM480P microLED display is a monochrome 640x480 0.13-inch display, that offers a brightness of 2 million nits (green), 200,000 nits (red) or 150,000 nits (blue), with a power consumption of a few hundred milliwatts under average operation conditions.

JBD JBD4UM480P microdisplay specificationsJBD offers its customers two types of polychrome solutions based on these monochrome panels - a polychrome module projector with an x-cube prism to combine the images from the three panels, and a set of individual monochrome projectors which requires diffractive waveguides with
multiple layers and input.
Posted: Oct 12,2020 by Ron Mertens