Konka shows a 59" microLED TV, seems to be an early prototype

During the IFA 2023 tradeshow, China-based Konka is showing a 59" tiled microLED TV prototype screen. This is the smallest microLED TV shown to date - since Sony showed the world's first microLED display back in 2012.

It seems as if this display is an early-stage prototype. According to reports, the resolution is poor, the contrast is very low and the seam between the tiles is clearly visible. This is clearly not ready for commercialization. You can see the display in the video below, and indeed the seams are visible. The display is made by 16x9 modules, and it uses a PCB backplane.


Konka has been quiet about its microLED program for several years. Back in 2019, Konka announced it is building a $365 million micro-LED R&D center in Chongqing, as the company Konka believes that Micro-LED will become the leading technology for ultra-high quality consumer TVs. Earlier that year, Konka launched tiled large micro-LED displays called APHAEA brand. Konka demonstrated several possible configurations - including 118" 4K and 236" 8K. The price of a 118" 4K display is around $240,000 while the 236" 8K TV costs $1.25 million. Click here for more information on Konka's APHAEA micro-LED TVs

The company also launched a microLED smartwatch, but that never saw the light of day. Konka is producing its own displays, and its microLED chips are produced using Aixtron's MOCVD systems.

Konka Aphaea Watch specifications

Posted: Sep 05,2023 by Ron Mertens