Leyard installs world's largest microLED display at CHN Energy's new CIC

In 2020 China-based LED display maker Leyard Opto-Electronic launched its first microLED display modules, that can be used to create seamless large-area microLED displays. Now we hear that Chinese conglomerate CHN Energy Investment has installed the world's largest microLED display using Leyard's displays.

A 216-sqm MicroLED display at CHN Energy

This display, produced and installed by Leyard, is 216 sqm in size, and has close to 250 million pixels - or over 7 times 8K resolution. The display was installed at CHN Energy's new Command and Control center.


In conjunction with this huge display, CHN also ordered and installed two smaller microLED displays in conference rooms. The 216 sqm display uses a a 0.9 mm pixel pitch, while the smaller CHN displays have a pixel pitch of 0.7 mm.

CHN Energy CIC 216-sqm MicroLED display photo

Last year Taiwan-based LED producer Epistar announced a partnership with Leyard Opto-Electronic to setup a Mini-LED and Micro-LED production site in Wuxi, China, in a $142 million investment. Trial production at the Wuxi site started in mid-2020, and mass production is now underway.

Leyard Opto-Electronic, Epistar's partner, recently unveiled new 2K microLED display modules that can be used individually or combined vertically. The displays come in 40-, 56-, 67- and 81-inch in size. The micro LED chip size is below 100 microns, the pixel pitch is 0.7-0.9 mm in size, depending on the display type.

Posted: Jan 12,2021 by Ron Mertens