Leyard launches microLED displays, will start microLED production with Epistar in October

Last year Taiwan-based LED producer Epistar announced a partnership with China-based LED display maker Leyard Opto-Electronic to setup a Mini-LED and Micro-LED production site in Wuxi, China, in a $142 million investment. Today Digitimes reports that production equipment in Wuxi will be completed by the end of the month, trial production will start in August and mass production will commence in October 2020.

Leyard Opto-Electronic, Epistar's partner, recently unveiled new 2K microLED display modules that can be used individually or combined vertically. The displays come in 40-, 56-, 67- and 81-inch in size. The micro LED chip size is below 100 microns, the pixel pitch is around 0.7 mm in size.

Posted: Jul 28,2020 by Ron Mertens


Martin (not verified)

40 inch panels coming this year already - wow, it sounds promising.

So, in a few years we might have 32 and 27 inch UHD and QHD displays. Hopefully.

I really would want a 32 4K microLED as my main computer display for both work and entertainment. 1000$ would be a good price for a high quality display with deep black levels and no backlight to bleed.

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